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BTCPay is a good example of how if you focus on enabling p2p commerce and don't waste time on contrived/fork-coin support, pointless Apps, VC funds, etc you can make real sustainable progress

They also show the importance of focus on user experience not just code for code's sake

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BTCpayserver as a payment option has officially been launched on Namecheap.com

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Our first ever follow-up grant goes to our first ever grantee. We’re renewing our commitment to @BTCPayServer and encouraging other FOSS backers to make follow-up grants standard practice for productive, high-quality, original projects. twitter.com/sqcrypto/status/11

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ok thinking about organising a small scale bitcoin reunion in EU (in a green zone, no quarantine on the way back) - renting a huge house or some all-inclusive club/hotel - register interest by liking tweet - please RT cc: @giacomozucco @adam3us @MrKukks @OlUkolova

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Today is with @BTCPayServer!

Join @NicolasDorier, @r0ckstardev, & @MrKukks as they present Building on Top of BTCPay Server 🟩

12pm EDT / 9am PDT

Tune in here: ⤵


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We are proud to announce we've taken our defensive patent strategy, originally established in 2016, one step further by joining @sqcrypto in the Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance. We’ll be committing all of our existing patents to COPA. 🌐 blockstream.com/2020/09/11/en-

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@TheBlueMatt As for "purity test to prove we have the exact same view on controversial cultural issues." - HOW is this even relevant for ANYONE outside of USA?!

People outside of USA have ZERO equity/involvement; they are literally being ROBBED by money printing going on now, yet:


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I've witnessed a lot of people from financial mainstream of corporate USA moving to Bitcoin lately.

Be aware that these people are obviously bringing cultural views with them.

Don't let them change the Bitcoin from what it is. Bitcoin does not belong to the corporate USA.

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We need a system where politicians have real skin in the game. You start a war, one of your kids or the next closet blood relative has to serve on the front line. You promulgate a lockdown, then you lose your salary and must stay at home under 24hr surveillance. End the hypocrisy

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Bittery.io is kind of experiment. We've took various open source technologies and made a platform for payments. Using @BTCPayServer under the hood we have all the work done nicely.

Not that twitter deserved such a quality thread..
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~ What is an xpub? ~

An xpub ("extended public key") along with an xprv ("extended private key") allows you to generate a nearly endless number of bitcoin addresses without having to store and protect the individual private keys for every single one

👇 Time for a thread 👇

RTL Release v0.9.0
Major upgrade for C-Lightning users:
- List UTXOs on the node
- Coin selection on opening channels
- Coin selection on on-chain withdrawals
- Keysend payments
- MPP support on payments list

For LND users:
- MPP support on payments list


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@stroughtonsmith This is rich. When we built a C# extension to UnrealEngine and were about to launch as a commercial product, Tim felt threatened and changed the Unreal license terms - killing the product.

When none of your pots fit the size of meat you want to slow cook...

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people, on Wednesday we'll be hosting a meetup in Copenhagen (18:00 CET) featuring @jackeveritt and @andreneves, talking about and

rsvp to get the link for the call meetup.com/Bitcoin-Copenhagen/

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A pruned node is a full node.

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Current host4coins revenues hardly cover the infrastructure costs (which we own 100%) and we don't want external investments. But if you believe what we do is meaningful, feel free to help btcpay.lightning-solutions.eu/ . Proper credits will be given if asked. (2/2)

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