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New feature in @BTCPayServer coming soon, thanks to @MrKukks and plugin system he's working on.

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If you thought centralized power stopped at app stores ... "The Safe Browsing incident described in this post made it very clear that Google literally controls who can access your website, no matter where and how you operate it." twitter.com/BtcpayServer/statu

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Please make sure that browser using the buggy "Google safe browsing" (like @Firefox ) dump it into the abyss...

After many complaints about people installing BTCPay Server about being blocked, we still did not found out the underlying reason.


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What can we do to increase PayJoin adoption? lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipe This is one great privacy tech that will be very important for helping bitcoin fulfil its potential as a permissionless money for the internet

Follow-up 1 year later: Gave up and got a gigabit connection from one of the 3 ISPs on the island.. If I was staying permanently, I would have considered founding a mesh ISP company like they're doing in Canada and US.
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I'm looking into getting satellite internet set up in Malta since the local ISPs are scumbags that have monopolized the market. Any suggestions for a European satellite internet provider that:
*does not have …

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@signalapp @My2Gwei If you need help, ping us.

One of the new cool features is being able to set up your wallet using Bitcoin Output Descriptors.
Thanks to @joemphilips for the C# spec implementation!
RT @BTCPayServer out! A small release with lot's of code cleanup.

Some bug fixes, API improvement, UI/UX improvement.


@kukks @ubolator @dennisreimann @r0ckstardev @NicolasDorier and @dstrukt__

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SLP241 @bunniestudios - Precursor: Open Source Hardware Platform & Bitcoin

In Bitcoin we say "Don't trust, verify", but do we?

Guest host @NicolasDorier and I chat with Bunnie about the issues with hardware today, and what can be done about it.


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You can now accept Bitcoin payments with zero fees and no third party by becoming your own payment processor with @BTCPayServer 💚

How does one deal with open source license infringement when the accused just blatantly denies it? @BTCPayServer uses an MIT license for all its repositories but how do you enforce it?

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Bitcoin Optech's annual year-in-review: bitcoinops.org/en/newsletters/

Covers taproot, tapscript, schnorr, DLCs, LN large channels, LN dual/interactive funding, LN blinded paths, exfiltration resistant signing, payjoin, PTLCs, BIP85 keychains, vaults, tx origin privacy improvements, SAS, coinswap, compact block filters, various attacks and weaknesses, wabisabi, wtxid tx relay, signet, anchor outputs, faster sig verification, COPA, generic signmessage, musig2, v2 addr, LN Pool, LN offers, and more.

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@shr00mer @LeoFromH3ll @ledger It seems 200k postal addresses leaked.

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@RogerKVer Get someone from Bitcoin ecosystem who you still trust and are willing to talk with non-contentiously to come to your podcast and explain it to you.

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A substantial release, API improvement, UI fixes, Bug fixes, better doc and more!

See our release note:


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We're happy to announce that our second-ever supporter @acinq_co renewed their 10 000€ grant for another year!💚

Thank you @acinq_co for supporting us! Here's to another year of building together⛏️⛏️⛏️

This is what not giving a shit about your customers looks like. Reducing fees by close to half is not considered important. Blockchain.info has been around for a long enough time to become arrogant, and it is setting itself up for failure.
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@dremannBTC @blockchain @bitcoinoptech My understanding is that SegWit is a soft fork and opt in -- we'll opt in when it makes sense in our product roadmap

There's no c…

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We've opened our meetings to the public. Feel free to participate in our first community call in ~2 hours.

We'll discuss some of the upcoming features, development flow, new videos and answer any questions that you may have, beginner or advanced.


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