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* New feature: Sign with hotwallet (@MrKukks@twitter.com)
* Fix U2F signing with ledger nano (@NicolasDorier@twitter.com)
* Fix bugs for currency not having 8 decimal of precision (@MrKukks@twitter.com)
* Remove next available address from invoice detail page (@NicolasDorier@twitter.com)

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🚨Introducing BTCPay Vault 🔒

Desktop app that allows you to use hardware wallet (@COLDCARDwallet@twitter.com @ShiftCryptoHQ@twitter.com @Trezor@twitter.com @Ledger@twitter.com @cryptokeepkey@twitter.com) with your BTCPay Server and its FULL NODE!


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Update to docker deployment!

* LND users, we downgraded RTL because of a bug on some installs

* C-Lightning users... ***RTL is now available for you!!!*** This rely on the clightning-rest API.

Integrated by @MrKukks@twitter.com!

@RTL_App@twitter.com @Suheb__@twitter.com @ShahanaFarooqi@twitter.com

Confidential transactions are a game changer for privacy and for merchant fiat settlement with liquid tether. I'll be working on some tools this year for this(automated privacy oriented swap services between onchain btc and liquid assets)
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We're happy to announce payments are now integrated in @BTCPayServer! Users & shops can now benefit from 🌊's quick & confidential L-BTC & $…

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We're happy to announce payments are now integrated in @BtcpayServer@twitter.com! Users & shops can now benefit from 🌊's quick & confidential L-BTC & $USDt payments. To acquire L-BTC / USDt head to @bitfinex@twitter.com, @BTSEcom@twitter.com, @sideshiftai@twitter.com, or @TheRockTrading@twitter.com. blockstream.com/2020/01/15/en-

I'm looking into getting satellite internet set up in Malta since the local ISPs are scumbags that have monopolized the market. Any suggestions for a European satellite internet provider that:
*does not have data caps
*has non contractual monthly plans
*internet speed 10-100Mbps

Yessssssssssss, now I have a reason to learn Blazor. I would rather not code than touch xamarin with that shitty xaml game before.
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Our blog post about Experimental Mobile Bindings for Blazor is now available.

Learn more about our investigations about mobile and Blazor at: devblogs.microsoft.com/aspnet/

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* Using CoinGecko instead of BitcoinAverage as default provider (BitcoinAverage still used for some exchanges)

* Native ARM64 image!

Part 2 of the release notes tomorrow after I sleep.


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We're really pleased to announce @zebedeeio@twitter.com as a sponsor of the Advancing Bitcoin Conference!

Zebedee make it easy for gaming developers to incorporate the Lightning network into their games.

Join in the fun and play their games at the conference!

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12 years since Wall Street crashed our economy:

-The 5 biggest banks have made $600B
-Execs at the 5 biggest banks have been paid $4B


-Not one bank exec has gone to jail for it
-The bottom 90% are still poorer than they were in 2007

That's why we have Bitcoin.

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BTCPay Server 2019 year rewind ⏪


A look back at an INSANE year!

Thank you all for the incredible support, happy holidays! 💚

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Trying to write @BtcpayServer@twitter.activitypub.actor year in rewind, but it's taking too long, way to many highlights.

This is my 2019 fav moment for sure. twitter.com/pavlenex/status/11

Currently in Malta coding mostly offline. Will bring some bitchin' features to @BtcpayServer@twitter.activitypub.actor with the new year

The best part of going back to Malta is the enhanced dinner experiences

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What gets me so excited about : for the first time in years it feels that there is something to fight for rather than fighting against something. It‘s a positive movement that builds up an alternative, rather than trying to change or tear down the established system.

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(PS to sneak a shill in: @pavlenex@twitter.activitypub.actor has given over control of the store to spend more time on @BtcpayServer@twitter.activitypub.actor to help other people run online shops like this without BS. We can definitively say after setting it up on our end for the shop, they are knocking it out of the park.)

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From humble beginnings in 2017, @BtcpayServer@twitter.activitypub.actor has emerged as one of the most inspiring projects in Bitcoin.

With its meteoric success, is the open-source payment processor redefining what a "unicorn" looks like?


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