It's cool to have a bike and be able to go places while also making my own electricity if I want

also, one unexpected side benefit of dynamo hubs: the "notchy" resistance of the magnets makes them easier to true b/c the wheel doesn't move around making you lose track of which spoke you were on

@kukkurovaca i like... want a dynamo hub, but also, they seem like work. to install and keep. how much of a pita are they, Really


Installation of the lights can absolutely be a pain. If you're already comfortable with crimping or soldering wires together and suchlike, then it's probably easy peasy.

In terms of getting the wheel itself built, no harder than any other hub.


@t54r4n1 Once you've got things set up, it should all be pretty maintenance free.

The main likely point of failure is the wiring and connectors, from physical wear or accidental mechanical abuse. But those bits aren't expensive.

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