It's a spectacular afternoon. Here's a picture of two baby bunnies who've taken up residence in our backyard

@natecull in the cloud, it works like this:

1. i tell the service provider to delete my data.

2. the service provider says that it has deleted my data.

3. the service provider retains my data anyway.

@chr "Works on Ubuntu or Debian"

Your DNA matches Jor-El
"But I am Kal-El"
Close enough. Here's a totally sweet super suit





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People love to confuse public (state owned/state operated) enterprises with personal ones. Hence end up messing up on where their transparency should be, expecting private to be far more transparent to everyone externally, but no demanding enough transparency from governmental institutions.

As someone coming from a country that has had 45 years of active official socialist dictatorship + over 25 years of "transition" out of it, I can tell you, a small government is exactly what you want. Minimal clear legislation that protects basic human rights. Minimal regulation of business as much as needed to ensure you are not exploiting your clients or workers.

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No, seriously... How can you label yourself a libertarian and be against gay marriage? How can you claim to follow and ideology that praises self-ownership above all and the concept of doing as you please as long as you hurt no one, but insist that same sex couples are somehow horrible and do not deserve the same rights as hetero couples?
How the fuck did libertarianism suddenly become synonymous to xenophobia and the alt-right?

Avast manages to completely eliminate all internet-based threats to client machines.

Unfortunately, they did this by eliminating all internet connections to their client machines.


People have lots of ideas of what the Internet is for or should be.

They are all wrong.

The Internet's purpose is to repetitively degrade the quality of images using lossy compression.

This is obviously tricky, because once allowed to proclaim ideologies bad, malicious actors will go rampant. I believe socialism is a horrible ideology, but I also believe banning it as a theory is a horrible way to go. However political ideologies and teachings such as astrology do have a significant difference in how they operate and what they're based on. One tries to work its way up from basic even if that might be flawed, the other is basically blind to .

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Is a product of simple people trying to find in completely unrelated or is there actual malice? Do all astrologers honestly believe in what they talk about? Isn't that something that goes against all mainstream religions, being basically its own separate of celestial bodies?
If we want to battle fake news, should we battle baseless like astrology? Can we have the luxury of calling an ideology baseless? And how far can that go?

And the best part about this is that it applies equally to all definitions of justice. Doesn't matter if you're a hardcore marxist, a nazi, a libertarian, a socialist or whatever. Anarchists are maybe closest to the "natural" way of things and it's still not quite that. 😀
Politics is a useless fake construct in the grand scheme of the universe, then again so is pretty much everything you'll ever do, want, achieve or stand for 😀

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Justice is a concept that stems from moral. Seeing as how moral itself is irrelevant in nature, justice also is. What's more, justice is a form of order, a type of anti-entropy. Does that make justice unnatural? Most of human civilization is built on/around defeating the natural strive towards all encompassing entropy, so that shouldn't be much of a shock really.

@adam registratie voor is nu open voor de Dutch community! (met dank aan voor de hosting)

Secure, private, portable identity is an unsolved problem for much more important applications than social chat too, like medical records
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So many cool things I could be doing, but proprietary crap is holding me back.

petition to completely remove the python 2.7 docs from google results

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