Closing the Typodon instance and moving here again

Hmm, salty, rich flavor, supposed to be good for my teeth. This is my new favorite food.

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Three weeks later and I still think of Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs every day, while running. It has not cured my slight dog-phobia completely but I now try to imagine what they think while barking at me “ugh runner, this neon orange t-shirt is offending my eyes how could you!”.

Also still, this wonderful The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band earworm 😍

Also fun to see that is using so much Operator by @andyclymer 👌

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Having just read about both the new custom type of Tumblr by Abcdinamo and this, a custom typeface for Fox Sports by Ondrej Jób (Setup Type), I absolutely favour this one.
Really cool work, Ondrej!

@jonesbp Following because I think Gent is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world!

Woa, since when is the earth not flat anymore on Goo Maps? Really cool to move around the globe.

Good morning rain 🤩
Just five more days until take-off to California for (a.o.) the most particular among the particular conferences: metal typecasting with 65+ y’olds.

Y/N if you want me to report on here.

Use reply (N1) for nah please bother the other microblogging platform with this.

Or (N2) for nah just go away with this entirely.

Add (N3) for and please don’t post stuff from the the rest of the trip either.

People who copy their twitter bio verbatim to Mastodon with all their Twitter-@-accounts in them 😔

Oy, I think I just *now* got that I have to make posts followers-only if I want to toot at someone? Or I don’t know. Apologies to my 19 followers if I have been spamming you with welcome-wohooos today 😳

Are @bb and I the only women in the type-o-don sphere? 😳

For those of you who are confused by the website, I use the Tootdon app on iOS and so far it’s been pretty nice. (Better than Amaroq)

I guess we will only stick with it if we put this on our phones :)

There is something wonderful about setting this up and starting fresh. The iPhone client makes it look like what super early Twitter must have been like but with today’s features.

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