Kids, don't steal other people's ideas. Especially if they are sharing it with you because they are excited about it.

I have zero time for Microsoft and Electron apps can die in a fire but holy shiitake mushrooms Visual Studio Code is AMAZING.

If twitter has taught me anything (and sadly it has taught me a lot, none of it useful) its that Microsoft is the one true God.

OK. Which one of you do-gooders did this:

"Do No Harm software license - A licence for using software for good" -

Aye @NetflixANZ if you mother fuckers make me watch "video promos" I'm getting @StanAustralia

AND we all know that Stan fucking sucks.

*crawling through the streets, sobbing* what the fuck is an instance

blue ice king white dragon, dont @ me i dont know pokemon cards and i dont watch movies

im hungry but i cant be bothered to go get food my life is very difficult

The song when Vikings starts is so amazingly haunting.

"When you finish the dishes, put them in the cupboard." - Melvin B. Sharp

"If your fireplace is full of wood, set fire to it" - Melvin B. Sharp

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