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They still don't understand you can't just call in house coded malware a nation-state APT

Twitter dot com's slogan should be "Talk shit, get hit"

If you don't create a metasploit module for your exploit, you are a filthy peasant. OBVIOUSLY.

"Delusion of grandeur and marketing bullshit: naming vulnerabilities and creating websites for them; making a thousand conferences in a year; exaggerating importance of own job as a security researcher; considering yourself "a world saviour". Come down, Your Highness." - Sergey

Completness of Vision vs Ability to Execute....

I'm so informed now. Thanks Gartner sponsors.

Get your redteam service from EY today!

When we get OS injection, the first thing we do is delete shit.

Cisco Continues Leadership in Analyst Assessments for Meeting Solutions

by Cisco


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