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I've wanted to move the default Postgresql data directory under /var/db for decades. Literally, since about 1996.

They finally did it.

It's timed *perfectly* to maximize my inconvenience.

If they'd done it earlier, I would have caught it in the first draft of . If they'd done it after it hit print, I'd shrug and move on. But no, I have to rewrite this section.

I am forced to bow to their amazing skill.

@mwlucas Did everyone else move it there in 1997?

@kurtm Nope. But /usr/local for database data? That's, like, the very definition of /var.

@mwlucas I definitely agree.

I was just going to my standard FreeBSD jibe of "UNIX from 20 years ago" :)

@kurtm Uh huh.

<looks at OpenBSD filesystem, shakes head>

@mwlucas @kurtm Now that HAMMER2 is available for install in Dragonfly is there any chance of someone with OBSD looking at it? I know there was talk...

Kurt Mosiejczuk @kurtm

@Philopolymath @mwlucas I'm guessing folks will wait a bit. Just because now it's available doesn't mean "ready for prime time".

After that? It depends. Who will look at it? What does HAMMER2 depend on in ? Is it in ?

VFS is a scary layer. It also has the biggest potential for data loss if you screw it up.

With HAMMER2 out, it's within the realm of possibility. But it's a big, scary looking project. I'm not going to hold my breath.

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