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Kurt Mosiejczuk @kurtm

So, if one didn't value ones sanity and wanted to learn about the buffer cache and VFS layers, what would be good to read as a primer?

I know the "Design and Implementation of 4.3/4.4 BSD" exists along with a recent update describing FreeBSD. I just figure this theoretical person wouldn't want to read stuff completely unlike the current state of OpenBSD if it won't be helpful.

Any suggestions? For books or alcohol?

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@kurtm check out the source tree and dig into the kernel code itself, using the 4.4/4.3 bsd book for help with specific internals

@notmygoodeye OK. I'll scare up the book and use that and the source tree.

I mean, the theoretical person will. :)

@kurtm double down on the vyvanse, theo's code is...interesting.

@kurtm we're getting bourbon, don't push your luck

@pmosetc I don't know. What if rum, whiskey, or vodka is better for the buffer cache? :)

@kurtm I will drink bourbon and you can raid the liquor cabinet and together we will either make inroads or start a cool otamatone band

@kurtm I guess the classic books will still help when starting from scratch.

Once you grok what's in these books, reading CVS logs and code will help with getting up to speed with more recent developments. And if in doubt asking questions to beck or tedu can't hurt.

@phessler I've not acquired a taste for wine.

I guess VFS hacking is out