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@stsp Is it just me, or is someone insisting on using Subversion 1.6.x crazy at this point?

Kurt Mosiejczuk @kurtm@mastodon.social

@stsp I've got a senior project sponsor telling the students to use 1.6.x because they don't want to "disrupt their processes." The last phrasing I used on this topic was "it's their funeral."

@kurtm I suppose they are doing this on purpose to make these students really hate SVN.

@kurtm BTW the last 1.6 release (1.6.23) is dated 30 May 2013, at which point the 1.6 series was already 4 years old (1.6.0 is dated 20 Mar 2009).

I am sad these students won't benefit from all the work I and others have put into SVN during the last 8 years :(

@stsp This literally got an LOL from me. :)

This morning I have a response from the team. Since I mentioned yesterday how long out of support 1.6.x and the security problems since then, they are going to bring it up with the sponsor.

I'm still debating throwing a couple quotes from you in my next email :)