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@stsp Is it just me, or is someone insisting on using Subversion 1.6.x crazy at this point?

Kurt Mosiejczuk @kurtm

@stsp I've got a senior project sponsor telling the students to use 1.6.x because they don't want to "disrupt their processes." The last phrasing I used on this topic was "it's their funeral."

@kurtm I suppose they are doing this on purpose to make these students really hate SVN.

@kurtm BTW the last 1.6 release (1.6.23) is dated 30 May 2013, at which point the 1.6 series was already 4 years old (1.6.0 is dated 20 Mar 2009).

I am sad these students won't benefit from all the work I and others have put into SVN during the last 8 years :(

@stsp This literally got an LOL from me. :)

This morning I have a response from the team. Since I mentioned yesterday how long out of support 1.6.x and the security problems since then, they are going to bring it up with the sponsor.

I'm still debating throwing a couple quotes from you in my next email :)

@kurtm @stsp When I went to uni they barely even spoke about version control. We did C, C++ and VHDL group projects. I guess it's because they didn't want to confuse students... The sad part: most of that was in this decade.

@dotpk @stsp Didn't want to confuse them with good practices?

The number of computing programs that don't bother with basic good practices is why our industry is in the state it is in.

@kurtm No arguments from this direction :)