Mastodon gives me room to post WIP bits. Cool!

I’ve worked hard on the core of my rep: “they’ll never know Beaks was there, until they realize something’s missing.” If you’re a rich bloated bastard, you can hire me to rob some other rich bloated bastard. None of my clients think they’re bloated rich bastards, of course, but here’s a hint:
If you can afford me, you’re bloated rich.
If you’re thinking of hiring me, you’re a bastard.

@mwlucas I'm happy to get another Beaks book, but I'll admit to being a little disappointed it isn't another Aidan Redding book :)
(She's awesome enough I think they might have to stop being Montague Portal books and start being Aidan Redding books)

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Thanks, @kurtm! There will be more Redding. I'll be introducing more characters in the Montague universe in my Copious Free Time. Contiuua. Thingy.

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