So, part of EV (Electric Vehicle) etiquette is that you are only supposed to take up a charger for 4 hours. So I make it a point that early afternoon, I move my car to a normal spot.

I seem to be the only one who does this. I ran late this morning, and all the cars there this morning are still there. None of them were pulling a charge any more (battery totally full).

So, the only guy who was still pulling a charge moved his vehicle. (Not that the battery wasn't almost full).

@hccummings Yup.

I might tell the Parking folks to send out a reminder, but they don't register EVs really. I mean, to use the chargers, you have to get a Multi-Lot reserve pass. But not all folks with one of those passes has an EV...

@kurtm tell the parking people to put "four hour limit" on their signs.

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