Woo hoo! The first #OpenBSD #arm64 ports bulk build after we added bsd.mp has finished.

Build time: 05D20h23m

If people have a chance, please look at marc.info/?l=openbsd-ports&m=1 and see if there are any build failures you can fix :)

@phessler Nice!

I mean, I'd assume a good speedup, but arm64 can also be somewhat... constrained when it comes to disk access.

@kurtm the build machines have real disks ;).

I had to disable two build jobs, because of pmap pressure. Kettenis needs to write some more code before I can *really* enable Turbo Mode.


What type of machines are the build machines now?


Those look quite nice. I was unaware of them. AMD's reuse of the Opteron name for the CPUs threw me off a bit.

*goes back to looking at the shiny ARM64 hardware*

@phessler UEFI? No uboot? \o/

These seem like the mythical holy grail ARM box we've wanted.

I just wish someone would show the back of the box in pictures.

@kurtm oh, there are lots of problems with the box.

my favourite: doesn't power on after applying power. you gotta frob the button, too. :/


Yeah. That's less than ideal. Even x86 *desktops* have a setting in the BIOS for that.

Still, a step up from all the uboot boards. I'm unsure whether to be disturbed or impressed by the USB console.

@kurtm @phessler all the ARM Windows 10 laptops were like that, UEFI+ACPI like a PC - the problem is if their secure boot policies allow controlling the keychain or disabling it

Windows RT tablets were the same, but they had a locked down secure boot policy.

@calvin @phessler

Good point. But, most of the non-laptop boards were all uboot.

@kurtm @calvin having spent too much time with u-boot, it isn't all that bad.

on modern systems, it's just yet another way to provide an efi payload.

@calvin @kurtm MS had a policy of requiring x86-based systems to have an option to disable mandatory secure boot. I don't think they mandated that for arm-based systems.

@phessler @kurtm mandatory secure boot would be a good idea IF and only IF they let you control the trusted keys

it's a great anti-rootkit mechanism as such

@phessler @calvin

I think they had a policy that you could *not* have an option to disable mandatory boot on the ARM systems. Manufacturers had the *option* to have an ability to turn it off for x86.

It's been an ominous cloud on the horizon for some time...

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