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I'm gonna be at under the same username if yall want to come :blobcatcoffee:

Probably gonna move to somewhere else lol
I just don't know where

You Should Leave .Social (CW: R*pe, P*do, Transphobia, Bestiality) 

Yall ever see one of those fake(?) indoor nature things and just wanna go absolute ape shit

i love how mastodon has no groupchat option you're either on stage with thousands booing at you or whispering in a back alley to another bastard

sorry but like.. south park stans cant make fun of hamilton stans and vice versa youre both idiots

no offense but I used to rule the world chunks would load when I gave the word

people really out there breaking their backs trying to defend their white youtube funneyman

dfakdnfasdf akdf aksdf aklsd fak dfka dsgknasdfknasdfknasdflnasdfklnasdfknasdfkansdfknasdfkandsf BUENA asdfasdfnasdnfaskdfnadfknadfadfnasdfnadlfknasdfknasfdklnadfknasdnf AAAAAAAAAAY MACARENA

my hatred for g+ is on the same level as my hatred for tumblr and deviantart lmao

Oh I probably never mentioned it but I'm also a g+ user so like I've been searching for different social media sites since october lmao

Can g+ die right on my birthday because thatd be the best birthday gift tbh

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