We urge you to stop operations in ! Hundreds of respected businesses have already taken their decision to shutdown offices in aggressor-country. Stop sponsoring spread of disinformation. russian propaganda content should not be visible to the world! Stop spreading propaganda through entertainment content!

Dear European Broadcasting Union!
is deeply concerned regarding EBU Friday’s statement and decision not to hold in Ukraine next year.
We are deeply concerned about your decision!
We ask you to resume the negotiation process with UA:PBC and find compromise conditions for next year's contest.
Your support for Ukraine would be an incredible signal to the world and will demonstrate the steadfastness and strength of the Ukrainian people. Please review your decision!


While your stores continue to operate in , civilians are dying in , children are hiding in bomb shelters from shelling. Stop financing this bloody war, get out of the russian market.

Yesterday the citizens of the aggressor country celebrated the Day of . At the same time, their army shelled - three people were killed, including a 6-year-old child. Give us weapons so we can defend ourselves!

To everyone who lives in Berlin or can get there by June 11! Join the action in support of Ukraine .
The action starts on June 11 at 2 pm with the march from Lustgarten to Kanzleramt. The aim of the march is to thank German society for solidarity with Ukraine. At 3 pm the demo will call on the German govt to support granting EU candidate status to UA.
More details are here: fb.me/e/1sRZ62c6M

Всіх, хто живе у Берліні або може туди дістатись до 11 червня, закликаємо приєднатись до акції на підтримку України .
Акція починається 11.06 о 14.00 з ходи від Люстгартена до Офісу Канцлера. Мета ходи - висловити вдячність німецькому суспільству за допомогу і солідарність. О 15 біля Офісу Канцлера буде демонстрація на підтримку надання Україні статусу кандидата в ЄС. Більше деталей тут: fb.me/e/1sRZ62c6M

, , ,

As long as you continue to do business in russia, innocent children and civilians are dying in from the aggressor's army. Stop your bloody business, it is enough to sponsor the against Ukraine!

According to the latest estimates, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of into on February 24, 2022, the actions of aggressor country killed 263 children, another 467 were injured. Thousands of children were left without families, homes, childhood.


, , and other cities of continue to suffer from shelling due to the military aggression of . Exclude russia from the World DanceSport federation (), they should be responsible for the murders of children and civilians in Ukraine.

The world’s food supply is in danger.

Putin and its unjustified invasion of Ukraine are creating a crisis that endangers the food security of millions of people in many parts of the world.


June 3, 2022 is the 100th day of the in , which treacherously started. Military, civilians and children are dying on the territory of our country, while books from the Black Hundred, Rodina Publishing House, Kuchkovo Pole and others are being sold in your country. These books distort the history of Ukraine and justify the multiple atrocities of russia. Stop selling propaganda literature!

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hi world!! today is International Day for Protection of Children!! and this is how russian occupiers “protect” Ukrainian children❗️

As of May 31, 243 children had been killed and 446 injured
and this aren’t final results

you sleep well??

While many Ukrainian cities are under occupation, you continue to do business in and finance this war, the killing of children and the rape of women. Today is the 98th day of the war - so many days we are fighting for our freedom and cultural identity. Stop your business in russia, stop funding this war.

Histria Crown Tanker gevuld met Russische bloedolie ligt voor anker in de haven van en wacht om te worden gelost. We moeten dit stoppen. Deze olie financierde de massaslachting in .

Il massacro di Bucha è stato finanziato dal sanguinoso petrolio russo. La petroliera “Prometheus Energy” piena del sanguinoso petrolio russo è diretta al porto di Santa Panagia. Non siate in silenzio, non diventate complici.

Sea Horizon Tanker gevuld met Russische bloedolie ligt voor anker in de haven van en wacht om te worden gelost. We moeten dit stoppen. Deze olie financierde de massaslachting in .

Может, кому-то захочется помочь и подписаться на начинающую летсплейщицу?


@ua @rf @by

On May 29 at 20:00 CET the second charity telethon Save Ukraine — will take place. Kalush Orchestra, Kadebostany, Okean Elzy, Tina Karol, The Hardkiss, Beissoul&Einius, Monatik and others will perform. During the telethon, money will be raised for medical equipment for our wounded soldiers, for surgical X-ray machines. Europe should know that now we are at the forefront of the values of the entire civilized world.

Join the telethon and tell your friends about it. Repost!

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