GGI has three talks on the tenth anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs particle. I'm guessing they will be accessible.

In here before twitter is shutdown and people flock here

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Telugu movie 'Krack' has a truly heinous custodial rape scene where the hero anally inserts a rod into a dreaded "terrorist", for bragging about his 'background'. The "terrorist" was caught in the first place because the hero CI sees through his charade of being a devout Hindu when the dhobi spills a burkha.

Fuck Telugu movies.

The target of this massive propaganda campaign by Indian govt surely can't be Indians themselves. But why in the world would the govt think any of those outside India be persuaded by this kind of "you can't point our genocides" messaging? That too the reach of all these celebrities is quite provincial

I want to find my community on here. Anyone discussing physics or social sciences?

100 days. I hope India lives to regret this horror

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The members of legal fraternity are sharing in social media their surprise at the fact that the judges who wrote the judgment and the addendum have chosen to remain anonymous.

There is no known precedent of Supreme Court similarly concealing the identity of the author of a judgment in a major case

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