@kvjohansen @T_Frohock I think the wandering.shop me is settling down as the one I'm mostly going to use.

@T_Frohock @kvjohansen The structure in the Thing went Lit after I'd been working on it a year, but it's the only way it works. It doesn't confuse me -- hoping I won't be a minority in that! (And speaking of, now I've gone and answered you from two accounts. Drat.)

Listening to Little Cub; started using Spotify to explore new things. Really liking them. Electronic.

@camulust @shaunduke That helped me in Firefox, anyway - thanks! (I keep thinking the weird line&bobble icon means 'rearrange the columns left and right')

Wrote half a chapter in the wee sma's yesterday before Off-Farm-Job and haven't had a chance to look at it since. Weirdly, I can't even remember which chapter it was or who I was writing. I desperately need a rest.

@T_Frohock @kvjohansen Four chapters and an epilogue ... the fifth and final outing on the Caravan Road. What's yours?

I got up sternly resolving to stay offline today. Hah. Okay, just checking in to ... everywhere. Then write!

@T_Frohock @kvjohansen I am ... everywhere. Well, it feels that way. But I really need to focus on being Not On Social Media today. This chapter must happen and it's a tricksy one.

Oh hey, looks like the same thing's happened to @garethlpowell and @garethlpowell I am not alone. (You're never alone when you have a Doppelganger.) (Did it deny your email address was valid after you'd set up an account too?) I need to do like Gareth and switch to a different photo for one of me because even I'm confused.

@shaunduke Better follow the other me, too, in case I delete this one! It's @kvjohansen

@shaunduke Uh oh. My first account suddenly decided I existed again after all and it has in the meantime acquired followers ...

@shaunduke I should stop being confused and go work on my book, but darn it, now this is a puzzle I need to figure out. I certainly don't need two of these. As I'm having a real conversation here, I'll delete the other if I can get into it! Or I could follow myself ...

Hm. This is my second attempt at an account because the first was claimed not to exist with my email address, despite the confirmation email in my inbox. But I can see the other account from here.


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