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Debating whether to get the Coward’s Lunch (Chipotle burrito) or the Hero’s Repast (ćevapi or pljeskavica)

*as soon as midnight rolls around* new day just dropped, y’all

cw: food 

For lunch, I made linguine in a garlic, Italian herb, Parmesan and butter sauce. It was very simple and delicious. FHA k you, that is all.

Not a bad playlist, not gonna lie. Thanks, Infallable Algorithm!

My to-do list may change but my commitment to the bit is unwavering

The back third of Full of Hell’s “Armory of Obsidian Glass” fucks me waaaaaaaay up. It’s absolute, crystalline futility

Tfw you slack around on washing dishes too long and the dishwasher contents are too hot to pull out so you go out for hamburgers instead (even though you just wanted cereal for dinner)

It’s “listening to Deafheaven while walking in the mall to burn calories” o’clock

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