I felt the most alone when I had the most going on

What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself. - Alan Watts

Sometimes it seems we have to learn our lessons the hard way, regardless if we're warned.

ransom events, our city shows, fringe music presents and capcity presents: a reflection of past social influence


Self hatred is the reason I’m on . I figure if I deprive myself of human interaction I’ll save up enough penance to rid my soul of its dirty smelly pig filth.

<youth pastor voice> You know who else only had twelve followers?

i have ms and I am doing a thing this year to raise money and awareness and all that good stuff. MS sucks, please raise money or donate if you can walkms.kvvpa.com

this was apparently a reminiscent list of things that are good posted randomly while on mj because none of this happened irl

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just kicking it

spontaneous mischief

no destination

deep talks in the garage

music loud enough to annoy the neighbors

9 days in and still testing positive. the cdc is full of shit, man

Todays really the first time since I’ve quit big social media sites that I’ve been tempted to go back. Granted I’m extra isolated in Covid quarantine but that loneliness is fucking me up man

everyone i've ever admired has left me with nothing.

not even a memory.

all of my heroes have failed me.

but i will never fail myself.

(pedestal - counterparts) - open.spotify.com/track/3wvoHfC

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