I am not motivated by #money. Money makes people crazy and strips out goodness from their souls. But society requires it for all the OTHER stuff. Having an idea and executing it costs money. Projects cost money. Travel costs money. Food, shelter, you guys know. But I seem to be mentally incapable of linking these together.

I can't be dishonest with myself. I don't want to be rich and I don't care to be seen or praised or have power over others. I just want to live, travel, create art, enjoy community, and contribute positively to the world around me. If I can do all of that without a dollar to my name, my #life will be a success.

My main takeaway lately is this. I have to believe in the things I do and the things/people I support and involve myself with. This is why I have broken up with certain toxic friends. Why I'm focused on self-care and mental health, why I am off big social networks, and why I am choosing to do life a little different lately. I need for my life to be about more than green paper and how much of it I can collect.

But I still need some damn money. Idk how to figure this out, tbh. I KNOW it's #ADHD shit but knowing that doesn't make me any less broken. Can someone loan me their executive function? Like just for a day.

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Currently on the road traveling to to stay for ~4 nights. Maybe the time away will do me some good 😊

Make a habit to keep company with those you disagree with. It will make you a better person.

imagine finding pleasure in picking apart what other people say looking for something to be mad at
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Just pile bad memories on top of bad memories, and before you know it, you got a life.

As a kid, I constantly nagged the office people at Studios (Florida) to let me audition for parts, despite that I lacked an agent or talent. BUT in doing so I have these fantastic memories of waiting in long lines to try and become a kid star, and being in the audience of gameshow Figure It Out (consolation). As a child, we aren’t programmed to think of our ambitions as impossible or “too difficult”. Because of that audacity, I have a fun story to tell for the rest of my life. ☺️

Insincerity is a social pandemic in these times.

Chauvin’s guilty verdict is a small step in the right direction. Feeling grateful.

kvvpa.com is no longer managed with cloudflare. kvvpa.blog is managed with namecheap until I'm able to transfer it to njala in about a month (icann rules, I spose)

just doing my best here, lol. nobody cares but me anyway

I switched my main name over to and I'm happy to be on the path toward becoming free. It's quite cost prohibitive though, so I'm definitely rethinking the quantity of domains that I own. Probably for the best that I shimmy things down anyway. Three domain names will cost $60/year, which is crazy, but worth it to support a much needed project :)

I care about but I'm a casual bish. A little intimidated here sometimes by all the geniuses on this platform. 😅

Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

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