I just participated in a introduction with code fellows. People in , how necessary is a college degree in your opinion?

@kvvpa A friend of mine was a security engineer (before he left and became a masseuse).

This is a few years back but he did the Checkpoint quals and found himself in big demand.


@kvvpa In my view industry certs are better. Know of a number of security and IT people who do not have degrees.

@seankearney thank you for the resources and encouragement! I enjoyed the workshop I took today. I’ll check out cert paths

@kvvpa Here's one more. I know several people a lot brighter than me who said this is tough but worthwhile. Keep in mind this is for people who want or wish to advance a career in IT security.

@seankearney @kvvpa also depends on where you want to work. In the NGO space certificates are less important (but also the salaries are lower).

@rysiek @kvvpa I used to recruit IT people for the private sector so my experience of NGO's and govt are pretty limited...

@kvvpa Quite necessary to be honest. Not because people without can't figure the tech, but the majority of infosec isn't tech itself, it's management work. And usually you'll have a harder time around management without.

not crucial, and most certifications are dubious. Experience matters, also involvement in known projects and previous employers.

@kvvpa It really depends on the role you are interested in. In smaller organizations you will have to interact with non-cyber people a lot - That is where a degree helps.
In larger orgs you can be in your niche and don't necessarily have to interact with non-cyber people.

@seb it seems the degree is mostly a political thing? I definitely see how that can be beneficial. I wonder if I can maybe do this in reverse- maybe a Bootcamp and some job experience while working on an online degree part time. Mulling it all over. Thanks for your insight

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