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I just participated in a introduction with code fellows. People in , how necessary is a college degree in your opinion?

I started lurking the community recently and wish I hadn’t. What an elitist juvenile toxic subculture. Idek if I care to keep hanging onto xmr at this point

My daughter just asked me what i'd tell 15 year old given the chance, and that took me a minute. 15 year old me was pretty awful and not a great listener.

I finally settled on, just because you've got a clever answer doesn't mean you understood the question. Kindness is a weight; it's always easier to be cruel. But there's more strength to be found in lifting people up than pushing them down.

The world does not have to see beauty in you for you to be beautiful. Your self perception is what matters. That lens that covers your eyes, is it true or distorted? I propose that our natural state is pure joy and kindness. Society attempts to rip it from you, but in the end you are it’s only true steward

I find that if I’m not posting to the internet, it is a sign that I’m doing well. So if anyone I know somehow ends up here, no need to worry. I’m doing pretty good lately ☺️

Sometimes taking care of the hard things is self care. Get them done and you'll free yourself of that stress.

is an interesting thing, and my own has been confusing for awhile. I’ve landed at though. Kinda nice to have a label for it I guess. Not something I talk about much and won’t start, but ayy

NYCers have a new ridehailing alternative to Uber: The Drivers Cooperative is a driver-owned, app-based ride-hailing service that pays drivers more, charges riders less, and pays out any profits to driver-owners as periodic dividends.

Platform cooperativism is a powerful antidote to app-based gig work: a way to provide customers with the convenience that made app-based services so popular while putting workers in control of their days, schedules and conditions.


"#Bitcoin is the currency for all the unbanked !"

... well except that, technically, it can't.
RT @FranckLeroy_
#Bitcoin / #LightningNetwork does not scale (again)

#BTC is capped to the (ridiculous) limit of 400k tx / day.
Lightning Network supposed to fix scalability issues still requires to set up 1 channel = 1 tx for each person.

7 billion / 400k = 47 years.

#Bitcoin is ridiculous.

There is an inherent problem with logical thinkers, realists, and pessimists; and I speak as one who is all three.

Some solutions aren't logical. Boom.

Example: Helping others helps yourself.

A logical mind says to that, "if I spend that time on myself, I double the benefit for me."

Doesn't work that way. It never has, it never will. When you truly endeavor to take quality care of yourself, you naturally end up taking care of other people as well. The same is true in reverse.


I think about my rich uncle, who treats everyone like they’re beneath him. Then I think of my millionaire realtor friend; who has NEVER treated me like a less-than, & is always helping others and doesn’t gloat.

Money doesn’t have to be evil. Anyone with half a brain though understands that having a lot does not = having a good life.

My uncle will forever be remembered as a prick. His money and his house will crumble into the dirt just like his body.

What a worthwhile legacy to leave behind.

I had this thought.

For almost every insane conspiracy (Gates implanting microchips) there is a real "conspiracy" going on (Gates working to keep vaccines under patents, Gates laundering his reputation).

What if we mimick those conspiracy sites, infiltrate the telegram groups, share the "real" conspiracies and eventually convert them to the left?

That last step seems like a big jump, but I don't think it is. They are dissatisfied with the status-quo, but have been misled about the causes.

Hulu advertisers hike the volume up 2-3x, which is illegal for regulated broadcasts, which is not. Now instead of watching commercials, I mute them and play with my phone. I’m not sure how this is a good marketing tactic? I’ve never been more incentivized to look away

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