If #Pinafore were available as a mobile app (iOS or Android), would you use it?

Note that the app would work exactely the same as in the browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome), but it would have its own app icon and would be downloadable from the App Store / Play Store.

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(And yes, I'm aware that Pinafore is a PWA and can be installed to the home screen. But I'm wondering how many people are even aware that this functionality exists, or if they'd prefer to just get it from the app store like most other apps.)

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@pinafore Would wrapping the PWA in a native app help it hold scroll state? I really like using the PWA, but it would be a bonus worth installing if it kept track of where I was scrolled on my timeline.

I think currently android clears the PWA from my memory too aggressively so most of the time I open it it's a fresh refresh.

@kyleakelly The scroll state should be stored for the last ~10 timelines as long as the app isn't closed. Maybe your browser is aggressively closing the page, so when you reopen it it's a full page load? Which browser/OS are you on?


@pinafore Yeah, I typically see the pinafore splash screen when I go a little while between launchings.

Using Chrome PWA on android 9 (oxygenos 9.0.5 oneplus3t)

@kyleakelly Interesting. Yeah unfortunately the scroll state is not currently implemented to persist beyond page reloads. I wonder if your device has a lot of applications running, and this is why Chrome is aggressive about closing it?

I use the Firefox PWA myself on Android 9 (LineageOS) and haven't observed the splash screen very often. I wonder if this is a Chrome vs Firefox difference.

@pinafore I've just installed the PWA in Firefox, I'll give that a test. Thanks!

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