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"The phenomenon we’re living through isn’t about partisan politics. The central problem is the speech landscape has been almost fully privatized, with the overwhelming majority of people getting information via a handful of key companies[...]But who was kicked off Facebook, Apple, and YouTube was less important than the what and how: unaccountable, unelected private executives making major decisions about who gets to speak in a 100% non-transparent, unappealable process."

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"There are times when powers of repression and censorship are aimed more at the left and times when they are aimed more at the right, but it is neither inherently a left-wing nor a right-wing tactic. It is a ruling class tactic, and it will be deployed against anyone perceived to be a dissident to ruling class interests and orthodoxies no matter where on the ideological spectrum they reside.“

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Happy to me!

A re-: My 1st computer was a TRS-80. But it wasn't cool to be a nerd then, so I became a drummer and made a living at that for 10yrs, cruiseship bars for 5. Now I do for . Along the way I came back to the computer and learned to run my own servers for my website and and do my own and to reclaim power through pretty much everything. Finally escaped Win for just last year ✊ btw lol

WTG NBC 4 LA for doing a full-length, substantive story on the unhoused without implying that they're all dangerous criminal drug addicts. For once.

"Every morning I wake up and think good, another 24 hours' pipe-smoking."
-- Tolkien

One history of the Internet is the history of the individual's disempowerment, as governments and businesses both sought to monitor and profit from what had fundamentally been a user-to-user or peer-to-peer relationship. (Read the rest here:


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Just a man, a , and simple music for complicated people. And .

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It is a tremendous indictment of our system that no President of either party cared to address this historically harsh sentence for a single count of whistleblowing. She had to make it through without them -- and even despite them. Respect.

Strength to her and her family.

New York Senate passes a bill supporting #RightToRepair .

Sounds like there's plenty more to happen, but seems like a good first step.

"This shows that Right to Repair has real support when the issue gets an actual vote, despite the efforts of tech manufacturers’ lobbyists"


on 7:30-10:30pm Pacific.

Just a man, a , and simple music for complicated people. And .

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There is hope, humanity, and normality on the rise

How do I know?

Taco Bell has brought back

The Naked Chicken Chalupa

"Our problem isn’t that we’re not writing stories. Our problem is we just can’t break through the blockade. There is a news blockade. It’s not just on social media; it’s not just on the web, meaning Google search engines and so on. We just can’t get discovered. [...]we don’t promote each other in the way of discovery, and that’s a problem. We’ve got to break our own barriers, our own intellectual property hangups."

I'm giving this music video streaming site a go. If you are in a band, have ever been in a band, have some kind of music project, or make music as a hobby and have videos you make to go along with your music please upload them here:

Feel free to share with any music friends of yours that have music videos they may want to add to the rotation.

"What have you [military recruits] to fight for? National independence? That means the masters’ independence. The laws that send you to jail when you demand better living conditions? The flag? Does it wave over a country where you are free and have a home, or does it rather symbolize a country that meets with you clenched fists when you strike for better wages and shorter hours?"

--Helen "Yes That Helen" Keller


on 7:30-10:30pm Pacific.

Just a man, a , and simple music for complicated people. And .

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Too much, too many people, too much ... so I have decided to stop registration of new users.

Oh no, why?

Please, read it on


It's almost as if ownership matters 🤔

Community co-operative ownership of the means of communication is the way forward or these enclosures of the software commons will keep happening over and over and over.

Individuals cannot be trusted in the long run, capital can not trusted, the desire for constant growth cannot be trusted, even NGOs cannot be trusted if they don't have democratic control by their community.

How many times do we have to see examples of this in the wild before some tech folks will acknowledge this problem.

Libre software is part of a global commons. The organisations administering it should be too.

*mic drop*

andrew lee just seized over 700 channels on freenode because they mentioned in their topic.

This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc. shows 720 channels that match what is being checked.

here's an example log:

boost this if you care about foss in any way.

Without journalists to tell the story, the public would not have known about it.

Without human right lawyers defending that public, the courts would not have cared about it.

Without those courts, politicians would still be denying it.

I could not have done this alone.

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