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"There are times when powers of repression and censorship are aimed more at the left and times when they are aimed more at the right, but it is neither inherently a left-wing nor a right-wing tactic. It is a ruling class tactic, and it will be deployed against anyone perceived to be a dissident to ruling class interests and orthodoxies no matter where on the ideological spectrum they reside.“

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Happy to me!

A re-: My 1st computer was a TRS-80. But it wasn't cool to be a nerd then, so I became a drummer and made a living at that for 10yrs, cruiseship bars for 5. Now I do for . Along the way I came back to the computer and learned to run my own servers for my website and and do my own and to reclaim power through pretty much everything. Finally escaped Win for just last year ✊ btw lol

BREAKING: The UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning about whether to permit Julian Assange to appeal the US extradition decision to UK Supreme Court. Stella Moris, Assange's fiancée will be attending to give a statement.

The judgment will either:

1) Certify that the points of law raised by Julian Assange are of general public importance--thus giving him permission to lodge an application with the UK Supreme Court


2) Deny such certification, in which case the extradition order will pass to UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to authorize or deny Assange's extradition to the United States.

If the UK high court denies the certification, Julian's case cannot be appealed to the UK Supreme Court.


Wanna help test the latest development branch of #owncast ? We have a handy dandy checklist of things to test for:

**Voting Rights Bill Blocked by Parties Unknown—According to Headlines**

"Don't hold your breath waiting for journalists to take responsibility for their own role in the withering of democracy. The post Voting Rights Bill Blocked by Parties Unknown—According to Headlines appeared first on FAIR."

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Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words with a sequence of musical tones.

makes it good, your boosts make it great. ✊

The new CDC guidelines include points such as "stop being a little bitch" and "get back to work, peasant". Further recommendations were to "rub some dirt on it" and "stop bringing up China"

We're testing out the new #owncast development branch while listening to some tunes. The latest development changes bring in Federation!

Now you can follow us directly from your #Fediverse account!!!

🥳 🎆

**Hawkish Pundits Downplay Threat of War, Ukraine’s Nazi Ties**

"US corporate media outlets demand that Washington escalate the risk of a broader war while downplaying important aspects of the conflict. The post Hawkish Pundits Downplay Threat of War, Ukraine’s Nazi Ties appeared first on FAIR."

#media #journalism #news #bot

Universal Audio's official forum account said they would add Linux support if "tens of thousands" of people signed a petition.

Here is that petition!

And here is the forum post



Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words with a sequence of musical tones.

makes it good, your boosts make it great. ✊

**‘The Commercial System Isn’t Providing the Local News We Need’**

""You need to be asking...not just what’s going to be most profitable, but what do we actually need for communities to thrive?" The post ‘The Commercial System Isn’t Providing the Local News We Need’ appeared first on FAIR."

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💬 "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."
🗣️ Thomas Watson, president of IBM, 1943

💬 "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."
🗣️ Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977

💬 "I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse."
🗣️ Robert Metcalfe, founder of 3Com, 1995

💬 "People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will."
🗣️ Moxie Marlinspike, founder of Signal messenger, 2022

I'm experiencing a mild case of #insomnia tonight, so let's #askthefediverse

What feature do you most want to see in #owncast ?

Is something keeping you from using it?
Or, is there something missing that would just be really cool?
Is there something keeping audiences from visiting streams?

Thinking about Owncast literally keeps me up at night, so I might as well bring it here.

Share your thoughts in this thread.

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One of the main reasons we don’t have a truly decentralised internet is actually really simple: it’s the fact that providers globally don’t give us symmetric upload/download speeds and fixed IP addresses at home. Kills decentralisation at the root. 1/2

To clarify, I mean the movie would have been a timeless classic. Nothing could have helped that song.

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If the meteor had landed square on Ariana Grande as she drew the breath starting the second phrase of her song, it would have been a timeless classic.

"The tendency of any financialized economy is to centralize. Not only wealth, but by centralizing wealth, you centralize political power, and decision-making, and ultimately, military force in the hands of the financial class. And somehow, this is not in the economics curriculum. This is how economies work! I mean, it’s like you’re teaching biology without death."

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"Prior to Western civilization, every society had to survive by keeping debts within the ability to pay. [...] There was no intention of having debts grow so large that they were beyond the ability to pay. Now, the whole idea is to monopolize property and to get it behind the inability to pay, and not only the personal inability to pay and the corporate inability to pay — in order to take control of the production process and the labor process — but entire governments."

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