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Wanna hear what about 3 years of my life sounds like? A exclusive! licensed, free to stream from my pod, free flac download at

Any boosts would encourage me (and other artists, I'm sure) to do this release model in the future 🙏


Re #introduction
Permanent lurker class in social media, will retoot 100 times before revealing my true identity. Very much appreciate people making beautiful posts about their humor, their struggles, and their triumphs.

Will buy your stuff

Will retoot you to the moon

Looking to help remove the stranglehold ameritech libertarians have on digital world.
Dipping my toe in the coding world and learning C++ to start.

Mutual aid and collaboration sound great, but I know very little about it and would like to know more.

Agree or not, you can't deny the journalistic integrity and courage of these two in a country of propagandists and yes men.

"The social media addicted woke revolutionaries use the rhetoric of social justice to emulate the most reactionary, abusive behavior of the far right, which is why many actually advocate racial segregation. But Taibbi says it best."

The media world is dominated by people who can afford unpaid internships, attend boarding schools & the right colleges, then live in exclusive urban neighborhoods. They use wokeism to conceal their contempt for the poor, who they regard as bigots & fools.

Waits, Zevon, et al with Yours Truly at the piano LIVE NOW from the mobile studio until too drunk to operate the fascist-killing machine.

YT, Twitch, Pscp: @kylebronsdon

Ever read George Orwell's essay "The Freedom of the Press"? It was intended as an introduction to Animal Farm. In it, he described his biggest fear as self-censorship rather than censorship from government.

Behold "The Caerbannog"

I bled profusely halfway through the project until I modified the drill bit and got a feel for the nickel-plated brass. It's the best-sounding snare drum I've ever owned and I haven't put THE SNARES ON yet lol

This is my first post! Glad to have switched from FB, Insta, and Twitter! May take me a while to get the hang of this platform but it’s looking good already. Gonna look for People to follow with interests in Music production, Linux, web develop and Art. #introductions

There's a great scent of fresh gunpowder in the air mixed with the 3 in 1 oil all over my clothes from detailing my drum hardware all day.

#introductions a big influx of medical people has just arrived; we could really do with access to things like Lancet/British Medical Journal and our Royal College RSS feeds - can anyone help us get them going? like a newsbot?

There's a War Going On Over Kamala Harris's Wikipedia Page, with Unflattering Elements Vanishing #Politics

If you're interested in Funkwhale but don't have the time, energy or skills to self-host it, you can find a list of third-party hosts that can do it for you.

Please note we're not affiliated in any way with any of these providers and these links are provided only as a convenience.

"Gov. Gavin Newsom was elected on a promise to deliver single payer healthcare and came into office with one of the largest super majorities of Democrats in recent history. Instead we get a few relatively small changes to Medicaid and a vaping ban in state parks."

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