A sudden thought regarding "Ok boomer", and why it enrages the boomers.

Most (if not all?) cultures highly values being respectful towards the elder and elderly, correct? Often, this means to listen to them and what they are saying. In many case, even to act on what they are saying. They are trying to impart pearls of wisdom, no?



One of the defining slogans of that generation was "never trust anyone over 30."

@kylebronsdon That's interesting. Because clearly at least some parts of the generation has been in our shoes a long time ago, but it seems... they have forgotten?

That's the thing with name-calling like this, it's applies a stereotype, and that's almost always offensive to someone you don't know. Generally, the demographic that embraced "never trust anyone over 30" tended to be white and from higher economic classes. That's a big part of what made them a story to the media that covered them, consisting of reporters of a similar demographic.

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