If you want to try the navigation/player/queue redesign, that will land in the next #Funkwhale release, you can do it at funkwhale.pages.funkwhale.audi

I'd appreciate any constructive feedback you may have :)

(you can submit the feedback here or at governance.funkwhale.audio/d/m)

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Funkwhale, navigation redesign 

Just pushed a lot more commits at dev.funkwhale.audio/funkwhale/, integrating feedback from governance.funkwhale.audio/d/m

I've attached a video featuring the changes, but you can also try the current preview at funkwhale.pages.funkwhale.audi ;)

What's new:

- Dedicated queue/player view
- Player is now attached at the bottom of the page
- Narrower sidebar, more space for content
- Better navigation with easier access to personal stuff
- Removal of the secondary navigation attached at the top of library pages

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Funkwhale, navigation redesign 

It should provide a way better experience on mobile/touch screen compared to the current UI, but I'd appreciate your feedback on this of course ;)

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Funkwhale, navigation redesign 

SO nice. Header font is classy! Still perfecting the navigation? I get sent the the footer on a lot of links, even the FW logo goes to the login there instead of the sweet new menu/sidebar login.

Funkwhale, navigation redesign 

@kylebronsdon yeah, It's our logo font it fits well!

> I get sent the the footer on a lot of links

I'm not sure I understand the behaviour you describe, but also the demo site had some issues yesterday, so maybe it occured during your test. Would you mind trying again and tell me if the issue persist?

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