"Time will tell how the landscape continues to harden. We will not be waiting for long."

Music artists begged journalists and bloggers to look at what was happening to us two decades ago. Then it happened to them. Podcasters are next.

A thorough article showing why projects like are so critical:

@kylebronsdon I used to think Podcasts were the great equalizer. Anybody could hit record in their bedroom and put a MP3 file on a web server somewhere. Like always, in time I was disappointed how it got taken over and centralized. I thought it was impossible to centralize podcasts. How wrong I was.

If there's a way a dollar can be made, some douchebags whose only talent is in exploiting others will find it. Our country was founded by them 170 years before the "revolution". The good news is that, for now, we can still make what could be those hit records! That's the foss holy Grail, I think, the discovery platform. That'll always be the bottleneck to the extent communication is centralized.

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