People complain that doesn't make enough fishtail , so they waste a bunch of silver and high grade briar on fishtail "systems" that those people are going to hate and never smoke because they're gonna smoke wet as shit because the patent lip is a part of the system!

I just had to vent. I know you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Check out my stoner-branded kicks "Made for the journey to your happy place"

Come all of you workers
who toil night and day
By hand and by brain
to earn your pay
Who for centuries long past
for no more than your bread
Have bled for your countries
and counted your dead

She's my fluffy buddy
She's my furry-faced pal
She's pretty and smart and good
And the cats

Doesn't look like there's a ton of room in the box for talent.

Pepperoni and kalamata olive pizza with crust and sauce from scratch

Kyrsten Sinema ("D", AZ) brings a chocolate cake for the Senate and gives a spunky thumbs down for a $15 min wage in the Covid "relief" package.

I've ordered two more Virginia-dominant blends to sample but, if they bite me like the rest, I'm perfectly happy being a burley guy.

$740 billion military budget.

Imagine the carnage if this was a multicultural mob demanding Medicare for all.

Every one of these "progressive" "representatives" voted for 80-year-old Nancy Pelosi's 4th term as the single person who decides what even gets a vote in the house, no strings attached. It's her 17th term there. got over 41K signatures. No help is on the way. It's time for

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