Quick reminder that if you manage a #Funkwhale pod and are ok with basic stats to be collected, you can submit your pod domain on network.funkwhale.audio/

It's helpful to have an idea of the size of the network, the number of active users, the deployment of new versions, etc.

By doing so, you'll contribute to those dashboards: network.funkwhale.audio/dashbo

You can opt-out at any time, from your pod settings (older stats will be deleted as well if you do).


How I missed you, S4! God, listen to that! It's like being there 🎧

I dunno what's funnier; that they expect me to believe there's filet mignon in the dog food, scallop "flavor" in the cat food, or that either animal would care.

Our working group for the channels/podcasts feature will be officially launched via a text-based meeting on November 21st (5PM UTC+1)

If you want to get involved in the design discussions, follow or help with development and test the feature before it's released, please visit governance.funkwhale.audio/d/Z to get all the details.

This is open to everyone, so don't be afraid to join and say hi ;)

I am curious if it smelled like cheese before or after it exploded heh

Don't get me wrong, I've ignored off-smelling chicken thinking cooking it would kill anything bad. ONCE. But eggs, for example, yeah they smell terrible when they're rotten, but the inside will pull away from the shell and create an air pocket and make it float in water when it's starting to go bad - this happens at least a week after any expiration date I've seen on the carton.

I think we need to ask ourselves what we've been reduced to when we trust commercial packaging over our own senses.

Take a moment today to reflect on those who have sacrificed life and limb because the media supported the propaganda narrative.

That's the thing with name-calling like this, it's applies a stereotype, and that's almost always offensive to someone you don't know. Generally, the demographic that embraced "never trust anyone over 30" tended to be white and from higher economic classes. That's a big part of what made them a story to the media that covered them, consisting of reporters of a similar demographic.

One of the defining slogans of that generation was "never trust anyone over 30."

All the Mastodon Instances that together form the entire 'Mastodon Galaxy' are part of something much bigger called the #Fediverse.

Apart of Mastodon there are many other free platforms. Some of them, like #Pleroma or #Misskey are also similsr to Twitter but others are very diffetent.

#PixelFed is similar to Instagram
#PeerTube is similar to Youtube
#Friendica is similar to Facebook
#FunkWhale is sumilar ti Soundcloud
#Writely and #Plume are blogging platforms
#Hubzilla is a powerful.multi-functional platform
And there are more...

All of them, like Mastodon don't have a unique central server but are a 'Galaxy' of many Instances.

You can choose between different PixelFed Instances and so on...

But ALL these platforms ('Galaxies') interact with each other forming the Fediverse.

What does that mean?


As we have so many new faces on the fediverse in recent days I would like to take a moment to share with you the history of this place and what makes it so special as a community. ♥ 💖 #mastodev #Welcome #foss #linux

Daaaamn, that's beautiful. You shoulda seen the sorry rusty thing before I seasoned it.

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