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"Once companies take that step [of mistakenly deleting true information], it tends to have the impact of further convincing people that they’re being lied to by mainstream news and partners in Silicon Valley, which in turn might lead to urging people in the opposite direction of the content moderators’ intent."



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The most surprising part to me in all this is not that the White House lied—that, life teaches us, is a reliable constant.

It is that even after the White House openly admits that something was a cynical lie, 30% of the population will continue to prefer that lie to reality.

"Top U.S. health officials are begging people to stop taking livestock medicine to fight COVID-19"

These kinds of headlines remind me of the joke about the slutty student who told her professor she'd do anything for a passing grade and he asks her if she'd study.

Win hearts and minds by protecting heads and stomachs. Earn trust by telling the truth. Apologize for your mistakes. A fucking CHILD understands these things.

Network effect let Facebook attract billions of users who joined to talk to people who were already there. Switching costs turned those users into hostages - blocking interoperability means users have to choose between friends and fleeing the platform.

A lot of software is just beliefs encoded into logic. So if only a few people from a narrow demographic are producing software this reinforces and amplifies systemic biases within society.

This will also get worse if being a software producer requires a license or other special permission, similar to other engineering fields.

Software needs to be produced in a more democratic way, but it's not a straightforward problem. Even if there were better education and more coders, the software which people actually use depends upon infrastructure and its points of control. If everything has to go through one app store, then systemic bias can be maintained regardless of how democratic programming becomes.

The things which hold progress back are really the same as they ever were. Gatekeepers. Ruling class interests. Institutional frameworks and revolving doors. Unless the politics changes the sorts of problems we have now will get worse, heading towards full centralization.

**James Loewen on Lies Historians Tell Us**

"Some US media are now lauding Jim Loewen, but without ceasing to generate the very sort of misty misinformation he fought against. The post James Loewen on Lies Historians Tell Us appeared first on FAIR."

#media #journalism #news #bot

Have you checked out the directory lately? There's now a fancy hero player that features an active stream that @nebunez worked on.

Thanks to the Brits for Maldon salt, their greatest contribution to the world next to Pink Floyd.

Happy Birthday, Linux!

30 years of age.
31,479,666 lines of code.
10.4 changes per hour.
1,031,305 commits.
Almost 25,000 contributors.

Countless freedoms ❤️

You see this kinda thing all over birdsite and FB. So I bring it here when I have the chance. 'Cause it's the stuff that's lost and blown away there.

Dear gawd it's been half a lifetime since I did a live set.

It's still not about the money.

It's the glory.

"Don't expect much from the political class because traditionally they only respond when frightened. And it's our job to make them frightened."

"The moment you turn your back on the centers of power, they go right back to creating systems of exploitation and oppression, and that's the problem: We turned our back. We put our faith in AOC or Bernie. These are brands in the same way that Obama was a brand."

Worrall knocks it out of the park AGAIN. The high level stuff coming out of his more frequent content is so valuable. Regarding this vid specifically, keep in mind that he has an interest in some of the highest quality free available; TDR, which use minimal copy protection and industry-defying low priced full versions.

"Copyright, Copy Protection, and Cod Sociology"

The government's new declassification reforms are... classified.

"Some things are truly crooked."

remember: if you have to work for fear of eventual repercussions - starvation, homelessness, loss of medical care - you are working class.

so what's your excuse for lacking solidarity of your fellow workers?

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