"just join .social, it's the one everyone uses"
*.social stops accepting new users*
"well just search people you know and join their instance, all instances can see each other"
*instances fracture and mute each other, celebs make their own instances*

i love how this website went from "lmao twitter users can't figure out instances?? it's like the simplest thing in the world" to "Hello users, I would like to inform you that this instance is muting Weed.Bong because one of their users wrote an improperly short git comment when initiating a pull request" in like two weeks

It rules that I'm having a pretty good mental health day and it's made even better by the fact that I'm so tired that I might just fall asleep standing up, leading me to believe that my goodbrain is a result of overtired delirium, owned, owned

mastodon is a site where you can make one of two types of posts: lecturing other people on how they're using mastodon incorrectly, or cat photos

was sharing cat pics a while back and i accidentally made a political compass

the following content is intended for Jim Boonie only 

I feel like Valve is trying to fight against bad PR for their shitty moves by just flipping the “FUCK DEVELOPERS” switch rapidly on and off until we all get too exhausted to be angry at them for ruining developer’s livelihoods anymore

Valve's ongoing freeze on approving Steam games, seemingly ones with adult content, is expected to last for months

boost if you respect the troops*
fav if you respect the troops*

*pregnant garfield

time to get a giant sloppy burger and hide in a conference room because i'm tired and anxious

gonna use this site until i have more followers here than on twitter, then i'll delete both accounts and move to canada

being in an open floor plan office is great because you're privy to every boring conversation your awful coworkers have about their children misbehaving at summer camp

shared a bottle of wine with my partner tonight and I had kinda forgotten that I like wine quite a lot

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