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I'm a cartoonist. I have a fantasy webcomic called She Dwarf . It's coming back for it's 4th chapter on 1/30/2018!


after a hiatus one of my favourite webcomics, The Savage Beard of She Dwarf by @kylelatino has returned with a new chapter. It's a joyful, playful genre-bending fantasy epic with a touch of Pratchett & a dose of your favourite moments from an anarchic laugh-out-loud D&D session.

dive in here:

or get started here:

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God forbid that I die before I see Last Jedi, but in case he doesn't forbid it strongly enough, please know that my living will states that one of you must take my body to the theater with you to see the movie... You may decide who gets the honor among yourselves.

Started playing Witcher 3 this weekend. I really enjoy the world and npcs. The main character is BORING but whatevs. I've undermined the tone of the game completely by turning off the game music and playing my smooth jazz Spotify list. It makes the game 1000% more fun, btw.

I have a intern from a university job shadowing program for next semester! He's going to help me with the relaunch of She Dwarf! This is going to be FUN!

I got my tickets and got my crew for Last Jedi! To make sure we didn't have to sit in the front row, I got tickets for an 11:40pm showing... My normal bedtime for a weekend is 9:30pm... I think I'm so pumped that it won't be a problem tho!

One of my final pieces for my painting class! I had light filtering through the colored water and olive oil. The title of the work was "Oil Painting"

I had my final crit for my advanced painting class on Friday night. It was held at a potluck dinner at my prof's apt. Elise got to go. I felt completely vindicated and relieved when Elise said that she liked my thesis work and that she agreed my prof was the hottest man either of us have ever seen in person!!!

Over Thnxgvz I saw an Eyvind Earle exhibition in San Francisco. I thought I already loved Earle's paintings, but seeing my favorite ones in person was nearly mystical. The tricks he pulls with perspective and impossible light sources give it an almost sinister fairyland feeling. I felt like I was going to fall into the paintings, but I DID NOT WANT TO BE TRAPPED IN THEM! A completely wonderful artistic encounter!

Been listening to Monstrous Regiment on audiobook. I really enjoyed it, but I am now soo soooo behind on podcasts! haha

I'm having difficulty maintaining a level head about my expectations for Last Jedi! I am very excited about it, and that's been so fun! Anyone else planning to see it opening weekend? :D

Sure, I'm getting tired of these Marvel movies, but I like getting excited about things. Getting excited about things is fun. :)

Good morning! I hope yall have a great day! On Friday, I have my final crit for my advanced painting class. I'm excited and nervous. What exciting things do yall have coming up?

List of iconic RPG enemies based on how fiscally responsible I think they'd be:
Beholder (D&D)
Cactaur (Final Fantasy)
Star Man (Earthbound/Mother)
Slime (Dragon Quest)
Pikachu (Pokemon)
Rolly Rider (Chrono Trigger)
Prinny (Disgaea)
Jack Frost (SMT)

Yesterday I saw an Eyvind Earle exhibition and it was life changing! I though was a fan already, but the impact is so much stronger in front of the originals!

ALSO - Obelisk has a Patreon page.

Patrons get early pages weekly on Thursdays (though I plan to ramp this up in 2018), as well as videos (timelapse, inking, livestreams, you name it), early access to what's coming up in the comic's development, and all kinds of goodies.

The money I get thru Patreon is my biggest art-related financial support. It may not seem like a lot, but it does wonders.

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