fundraising call 

Half-marathon this weekend, and I'm raising money for Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2022’s fundraising campaign (selected charities: Ottawa Food Bank, Canadian Cancer Society, and Canada-Ukraine Foundation). Every little bit helps. Thanks.

Music event: online and in person 

Hey hey! Just a reminder that the band is playing May 27 at the Guelph Museum. It’s a free show, but if you wanna come, you need a ticket! Also streamed on The Intertubes. Check it!

Municipal Politics & (lack of) diversity is a volunteer-led initiative to encourage women and members of other equity-seeking groups to run for office.

Some universities are confronting their controversial namesakes. And more than names are changing | CBC News


cw? I get it. But what’s with people using it for every one of their posts?

I've been meaning to start using this platform, and now, here we go.


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