My Mom got a new phone 6 months ago and only shared her new # with me and 3 others. Months later she bought a new laptop and registered Microsoft Word (which apparently requires her phone # now?). A day or two later she started getting a stream of telemarketing calls.

It's a shame you didn't get the chance to let her try LibreOffice before registering Microsoft Office 😔


Clearly... either you, or one of the other two, sold your mom out.

Microsoft is a trustworthy, ethical company that loves Linux and open source.


@Blort @kylerankin I think it's also worth to consider occams razor here. Ms is a big dumb corporation. They are getting leaked, scraped and used because any security pipeline on their end is not worth the effort at such scales.

I don't think they sell your numbers to telemarketers explicitly, though they should be not void of responsibilities take care of your data.

Just look at what mess LinkedIn is and you'll get the idea of what a joke their data policy is.

I don't know that Occam's Razor applies here. Which requires fewer assumptions? That Microsoft is neglecting security practices (in order to cut costs)? Or that Microsoft is selling user data (to increase revenue)?

In a perfect world Purism would get so large companies would have no choice but to follow your lead and offer us their products following the same guidelines. Because honestly, MS Office is superior to any other office suite in terms of features and functionality. It is a shame no matter how you look at it that this superiority has to be passed up because of the lack of privacy, security, and freedom so much the norm today.

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