Smart TVs not only capture and sell your data like a phone, now they are paid to pre-install crashy spyware apps you can't remove just like a phone.

@kylerankin When you see cheap electronics, realize that often the hardware cost is subsidized by spyware agreements and selling user data.

@kylerankin Also, by being manufactured in countries without strong protection for workers, who hence have to labour in unsafe conditions for insufficient wages.

@kylerankin Give it an IP reservation on your network, block all traffic to and from it on your firewall, and use an HTPC.

@smeg I'm just going to hold on to my "dumb" TV. Voting with my wallet.

@kylerankin Or just don't put it on your wifi and plug things into it with HDMI. That's how ours was for the longest time until I wanted to stream to it from my phone; that's when the firewall lockdown came into place.

To each their own right? On the one hand it is nice to not live under a rock and on the other we have to curb the encroaching of big tech on our lives; so voting with your wallet will probably have the greatest effect.

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