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It's amazing the difference in 'voice' you think of having when it comes to a new, but similar, social network to twitter. the 'smallness' really makes it feel totally different but still reminds me of early twitter days and App dot net

/me googles the name of Lana Del Rey's new album.

Normal Fucking Rockwell.


Getting a lot better at enjoying Utah’s outdoors even more. Trying to not spend any weekends or weeknights shut in too much.

APFS is my saving grace right now - Mojave Beta 9 screwed my install for some reason, so I just made a new volume on the same disk, didn’t have to erase anything, and now I’m installing high sierra on that part of the disk. Which will hopefully make it easier to save all my data

I hate trying to find a job out of state but I really want to move and am almost tempted to just move on a whim and then find a job but I know that’s stupid.

wearing an Apple hat at work to dress for the job I want not the one I have.

Anyways I’m gonna go run 14 miles and hope I don’t injure myself even though it lines perfectly with my training.

This whole twitter debacle alongside facebooks continued garbage this year has really made me not want any social media/discouraged me from posting a lot.

*loads money from checking account onto starbucks debit card*

*loads money from Starbucks debit card into starbucks gold card by using the app*

*pays with physical gold card in store*

The ciiiiiircle of starrrrs

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