working for the university has one perk and it is not my minimum wage paycheck

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i should be able to schedule an appointment to get my vaccine come march 10th IT CAN'T COME QUICK ENOUGH AHHHHHHHHHHHH

in rememberance of whatever shitty stuff azaelia banks said recently (idk/idc) i would like us all to remember this old @rf9weu8hjf78923 video from tumblr when trying to figure out how to react

when covid is over i need excuses to get cute dressy outfits to look hot in and go out.......

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if I ever make a remix of that new order song he used in pruane2 getting his ass kicked I'm gonna try to make that

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it's been years and I just suddenly remembered UTube jack d

why do I let myself eat before trying to record vocals. real fool move

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 Feb 7 07:27 /bin/kylie -> /bin/woman*

i'm so happy we as a society haven't moved past Bush era believing acts of war can even conceivably be justified

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