i will only go to church if i start hearing some organ jungle musick with amen rinses

estrogen should be in gummy form, and furthermore it should come in various berry flavors

things I did in australia: I got to see the McDonald's in circular quay, it's pretty dope

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cis people too have been taught by society to not let themselves react with attraction at the sight of a trans person . i think it's dope as hell when cis people find trans people hot regardless of if they pass as cis or not

simple things like making myself not just put on some fucking t-shirt and shorts are strangely hard for me, things like applying ANY makeup are impossible, because I'm not willing enough to experience failure in the mirror as I should be to undergo the growth I want to reach

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I guess what the gist is is that I'm still reckoning with the fact there's still a lot for me to work on. I thought I was finished with the self improvement, but I don't take care of myself enough, I'm too lazy when it comes to doing things that work towards my own personal goals

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Kylie says: abolish the police's choices:


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