In our experience, C has proven to be a pleasant, expressive, and versatile language for a wide variety of programs. It is easy to learn, and it wears well as one's experience with it grows. We hope that this book will help you to use it well.

qualified for a credit card under my deadname. I applied for one just a few months ago under my current one and got rejected. pretty dope being trans sexual

dogs should live the lifespans of humans and humans should live the lifespans of dogs

holy fuck can I stop having nightmares where someone's trying to kill me why does my stupid brain make these

man drexciya is so cool... i should listen to more than just neptune's lair, they're so interesting of a group, afrofuturist techno music

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sometimes i just think about like split second samples used in songs i like. sometimes the sample from venetian snares - poo yourself jason with that rapper saying "this jam is amplifififi" just appears in my head

hey lol i was in a giant collab thing and i might be in the music video..only one way to find out 😯

whenever luke vibert samples from Protect and Survive, the british nuclear attack PSA stuff, my rib cage goes concave from the funk

the guitar/bass play in steely dan - bodhisattva feels like an ed edd n eddy background song

btw here's the full interview, it's not publicly posted (which is obvious if you know what redacted is)

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