1. i think UFOs are kinda cool there's probably something up there but i don't really think about them deeper than that

2. I think it's great. hope those people are having a good time in those pictures

3. i think michel foucault is probably a little overrated and it's a little irritating when people boil his work down to "school is like prison lol". also the whole age of consent thing is lol what can u do but laugh i guess

4. idk what gnosticism is despite reading wikipedia pages about it for years

5. all I know about magick is that aleister crowley was the world's first crazy ass white boy

6. Plato's republic is okay but I prefer the Symposium if I had to be stuck with one of his writings forever


7. slavoj zizek has never really resonated with me from the stuff I've heard of his thought but I can't really recall what last made me think that if I'm being honest

8. nazbols are so funny i can't even convince my brain they're relevant enough to think about for this prompt. brain worms

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