while playing with an anki deck for toki pona prior to getting the book and starting to read it more often it occurred to me that anki and duolingo are really similar in terms of how they work so... it could very well work

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i wonder if duolingo will have any use to me learning-wise now that my brain seems to be more receptive to memorization based learning

i don't think any of the gen xers who used to throw ass to sheryl crow - all i wanna do is have some fun really got the message of it

studying frankfurt school this semester is making my brain go sicko mode

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I literally wanna write a damn philosophy paper about the social and power dynamics in this movie

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i've been in both of my relationships longer than elon musk and grimes at this point... true love wins

i have been quiet about mlp g5 but i assure you i plan to watch the hell out of the new movie this weekend

what credentials could chris pratt possibly have to play mario if i could not even be convinced he has the aire of a plumber

representations of files are graven images. bring back the ban on graven images and bring back the directory hierarchy

Let B be Bill and Ted.
1. B can't spell.
2. B can change history.
3. According to critical theory, history is a spell of violence covering a prehistory.
4. B are exempt from the spell.
∴ Bill and Ted will break the spell and enact actual change upon the world-historic.

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