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I was absolutely planning on staying on social even with that whole past inter-instance drama bullshit but eugen going around defending LB is too much.

I'm moving to @radicalrobit which I set up a while ago as a just-in-case I wanted to move from social account and that time has apparently come.

So if you follow me here, I'd appreciate if you could follow me there as I will not be using both of these accounts like some, I'm moving entirely in a week or two.

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The roads are the tootiest, the winds are the tootiest

The gates are the tootiest, the pies are the tootiest

The songs the tootiest, the friends the tootiest

Way back home

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In the bottom left of this website it shows a mastodon about to throw a paper plane with his trunk, yet mastodons have no opposable thumbs. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic mastodon, or something? Ha ha, boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

So a couple of weeks ago I commissioned the very talented @extinct for something I've had in my head for a while now and boy did they ever deliver. Folks, they did a fucking fantastic job.

Without further ado may I introduce to you Mother Jones getting fed up with Kevin Drum's poor hating, anti-leftist bullshit and just absolutely laying his stupid ass out. For my followers that still have twitter accounts by all means post this at Drum as often as possible please.

me: this is the support desk, spill the tea
customer: what? anyway I can’t log in
me: maybe she snapped
customer: what?
me: go offfffff agdjfkslaidjfkslka
customer: stop it

blasting death grips' guillotine at the town square and every time mc ride shouts "guillotine" another blade falls on a billionaire

Last day here on this account before moving to @radicalrobit if you follow me here and want to continue following me, please consider doing so with my new account. I'll be pointing this current one to my new one today or tomorrow.

completely separate property but I just want to say I wish I could have the confidence of a realtor selling a boarded up home

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What an amazing coincidence that every single white guy with 'free thinker' in their bio all came to the same decision to defend the status quo completely independently from each other.

:drake_like: Sending billionaires into space.

:drake_dislike: Bringing them back safely.

just discovered a home on realtor that has wall to wall rugs in *every* room including all the bathrooms and the kitchen

ben shapiro 

Just remembering this great time that shapiro got threatened on dr. drew in the most beautiful way possible

Bitcoin is gonna be our generation's lead in exhaust

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