In Idaho it's no longer called sexual relations, it's called Kidz Bop


Was macht Java auf dem Client? Ich bin gespannt auf die Session. War letztes Jahr schon cool :)


Firefox 66 arrives with autoplaying blocked by default, smoother scrolling

(submitted by sahin-boydas)

Tokio is the capital of the Asynchronous State of Japan

Berlinerin meldet Privatinsolvenz an, nachdem sie nicht mit den Folgekosten ihrer 374.263 innerhalb eines Monats registrierten Domains zu Rande kam 😂😂
@transcaffeine @ion

@Are0h TCP/IP is primarily a military platform that sometimes allows other content

Anyone who can program in C without producing a segfault for every three lines in their code has my deepest respect

@drequivalent @bagder curl is from Sweden, so it can legally drink since a long time. In fact, there is apparently no minimum age for drinks with less than 2% alcohol (Ctrl + F for sweden)

curl is 160,000 lines of code documented with 36,900 lines of man pages. Turns 21 years old this Wednesday.

Does someone here still use Tab groups in #Firefox?
I'm using the "Totally not Panorama" addon, but that has a horrible performance so I'm looking for an alternative.


If you post an article even remotely date-sensitive, please include the publication date somewhere in or around the article. In fact, add the date even if it doesn’t seem relevant, because it is always relevant.

If Pete Buttigieg was president his re-election campaign slogan could just be "Re-Pete"
I'm enjoying using #Python to simply calculate stuff. Setup variables, run the calculation, tweak the variable values, run it again ... Or start with a list of variables and iterate through the list, using each variable in a calculation and outputting the result at each point for easy comparison.

I find this approach less tedious than doing the same thing in a spreadsheet.
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