Still no one has decided they want a free Chromebook. Can’t even give it away. ☹️
Do you live in the UK and you’ve always wanted to own an out-of-support end-of-life ARM Chromebook? Today may be your lucky day.

I didn’t work out yet how much shipping would be, and it could do with a clean, but let me know if you are interested. You can have it for the cost of shipping (PayPal is easiest probably, but I’d be open to fun offers or swaps).

We have a million packages!


Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung ist die ausbildung

Moin, ich suche eine Firma im Umkreis Lübeck, Hamburg bei der ich meine Ausbildung fortsetzen kann, bin im 3. Lehrjahr. Ich habe zuletzt Java entwicklung gemacht und davor habe ich php, css/scss, python, mysql, javascript gemacht. bitte retweeten. #Ausbildung #Hamburg #Lübeck #Berlin

ken arnold of #rogue fame attended #unix50 @livingcomputers last night and saw rogue-o-matic #ai running on the VAX-11/780-5 #retro #gaming

I am human interested in systems and networking in FreeBSD and OpenBSD. I may share InfiniBand or other Isilon stories in the future. Cheers! #introduction

I picked up "SSH Mastery" by @mwlucas and gave it a read.

Even with many years of SSH under my belt I still learned a few things.

Thumbs up for the crisp writing style. Thumbs up for humor that entertains without getting in the way. "SSH Mastery" has some of the best tech writing I've come across.

Joebob sez check it out.

Got electrons moving through the #HardenedBSD #ThunderX2 server again. Reflashed debug bios, even though it's the "same version" as the production bios.

Recent commits from upstream #FreeBSD should hopefully make arm64 support more reliable and performant.

Yesterday I learned that virtual machines go all the way back to the 1960s (in this it's case multiple computers emulated on a bigger computer where a certain user gets access to the emulated computer but not the main one, and it was even called a virtual machine at the time)

As I say in the blog post, it's important to remember that most of what we have today in computing we also had in the 60s and 70s. It is just all much cheaper and faster now.

Got a new showstopping error on the #HardenedBSD #ThunderX2 system. Reported the issue upstream to the vendor.

It's still very possible there's yet more BIOS firmware bugs to work out--especially since I can only get a debug BIOS build, not a production build, running.

Officially supported architectures for Debian 10: 32-bit PC (i386) and 64-bit PC (amd64), 64-bit ARM (arm64), ARM EABI (armel), ARMv7 (EABI hard-float ABI, armhf), MIPS (mips (big-endian) and mipsel (little-endian)), 64-bit little-endian MIPS (mips64el), 64-bit little-endian PowerPC (ppc64el), IBM System z (s390x).

Was für ein Scheiß! Ich habe #SkyTicket erneut gekündigt, nachdem Linux Nutzer wieder ausgeschlossen wurden. Abspielen ist nur noch mit so einer dämlichen Windoze App möglich. In Kodi oder im Browser geht nichts mehr. Meine Aufforderung an diverse Streaming Anbieter: Kommt mal klar!😠


People: "omfg only 5 people maintain pip?!?! How can that work?"

Me: *sigh* "It works because those people, who cop shit for every bug and get near zero thanks for fixes, bust their guts to make pip work for a largely ungrateful and entitled audience."


The way Debian starts services of software you install by default & immediately is really weird IMO

Wer #Debian Stretch im Einsatz hat, sollte darauf achten, daß er den Codenamen, anstatt "stable" in seiner sources.list hat. Die Konfiguration von unattended-upgrades nicht vergessen. Ansonsten kann es beim nächsten Update zu ungewollten Überraschungen kommen.

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