Everything you create contributes to your experience pool, and the greater that pool, the better you'll be. Afraid of finishing something in case you spoil it? Finish anyway. Doesn't matter if you don't like it at the end; you got practice and experience and your next creation will be better. Every mistake is a lesson, every 'failed' piece an exercise in building knowledge and honing skill. Plus, often, the things you don't like will be adored by someone else. We don't all have the same taste <3

job stuff but positive 

I can't wait for september

train time :trainpat:

How often do you read non-work email, and am I gonna be really disappointed to learn I'm the only person left who doesn't do it every day?

#HardenedBSD 14-CURRENT/amd64 binary update published. This addresses recent #FreeBSD security advisories:

1. FreeBSD-SA-21:06.xen
2. FreeBSD-SA-21:05.jail_chdir
3. FreeBSD-SA-21:04.jail_remove
4. FreeBSD-SA-21:03.pam_login_access

I've switched back to #zsh after trying #fishshell out. I'm just too used to zsh. I don't understand fish's history search.

predict the next fedi user wave: soccer moms? people to gay for gab? the irish?

Je mehr ich über ZFS lese, desto mehr tendiere ich dazu, einfach überall Ceph draufzupacken.
Klingt vll nach overkill, Ceph auf eine einzelne Node zu packen, nur um CephFS zu haben aber multi-Tier storage ist irgendwie sehr verlockend.

Friends do not let friends use btrfs. In a redundant file system, I want to at least do a mirror of my OS boot drives. If one of them dies, I want my system to continue to operate.

I'm told btrfs won't boot such a system. By design.

Please tell me this is not so.

I have not looked for my own place as the primary tenant in a long, long time and have forgotten how.

People who look for #apartments in #Germany:

1) what information do I include when emailing the owner/landlord? Should I mention my job, hobbies, etc?

2) I have an old copy of my SCHUFA, and will order a new one. Do they need only the certificate looking thing, or do they want to see all of the pages?

3) Any other tips of things to say/not-say?

Leica bravely makes cameras with black & white only sensors and I finally have one.

lyft has announced a new feature that allows one to book a ride with lyft without using an app by calling a phone number and uh wtaf do they think taxi services actually fucking are

going to the courthouse with my mortal enemy to register our domestic rivalry

Daimler vermeldet,00€ netto REINGEWINN! Ein Plus um 50%. "Dank" fetten Einsparungen beim Personal, freiwilligen Lohnkürzungen und Kurzarbeit.

Alter, .... ich bin fassungslos. Für euch Daimler-Manager gibt es in der Hölle sicher eine ganz besonders üble Ecke.

> how often should I rotate my ssh keys? More often than never! As often as you can. And make sure you retire old keys when you’re done with them.

Or use a hardware key so the answer is almost never unless the key is weak/crackable?

I have the same SSH keys for several years through multiple employers. I own the only copy of the key and it's on my desk.
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