it was fine. not amazing, but not terrible.

had eggs benedict with it, which was yummy.

quoting MacArthur: I shall return!

Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

Finally released SciPaMaTo version 1.0.0, an application ( I developed under the BSD-3 license for the LUDOK team of #SwissTPH.

i hope some day i'll have bullied everyone into not doing delete and redraft

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My life will be incomplete if I never become a character in a @mwlucas book
Was going to offer this kid a job. Saw on his homepage this Pepe frog.

Nope. Sorry.

First day at the new work. I’m not a freelancer any more 😁 stoked to work with these cool people 🕺

The Google docs presentation tool is actually quite nice. Makes me nervous as that usually means it must be high on the Google product kill list.

Let's pop to Faroe, said no one in Shetland ever.

Is this possibly the most roundabout route to get a relatively short distance anywhere in the world?

(This is the default route, no waypoints set!)

i'm glad i was always able to just use a winamp plugin to sync an ipod with my winamp library, because itunes is a bad program made by hell idiots

Any word ending in -bian is now a Debian fork
*downloading 1080p media all the time*

why are my hard disks so full, it is a mystery

filesystems are a NoSQL database.

they use a hierarchical key-value storage system.

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