Has anyone looked at the viability of using the shared page in #FreeBSD to bypass SMEP/SMAP on amd64? Are there enough (or any?) gadgets in the shared page to be turing complete?

Never have understood conferences with $2000 tickets, especially when they have companies sponsoring as well!

I'm looking at you O'Reilly and Linux Foundation.

Nach der ActivityPub-Unterstützung in NextCloud dürfte nun #Osada mit der leichteste Server sein: LAMP genügt

The term "Procrastinator" triggers me.

I prefer the term "JIT Person", thank you.

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#TIL #FreeBSD you can use #devd(8) to run arbitrary actions on coredumps, only if `kern.coredump_devctl=1` which is only obvious when you start reading the source while swearing WTF doesn't this work.

Add this and `service devd restart`:

notify 1000 {
match "system" "kernel";
match "subsystem" "signal";
match "type" "coredump";
action "logger -t coredump $comm $core [$-]";

obviously you can call any action you want, but it runs as root.

cmp fileA fileB # cmp checks each file byte by byte and provides a summary of the first difference found if there is any. I guess I never realized how much slower it is to use programs like md5sum and sha1sum for doing this. Thanks to those that called me out on this.

„Warum ist dein Besen sechseckig?“

„Es ist ein Imbus 2000!“

Cyber as a service: helping you with all your cybering needs.

"PAUSED is the same as PLAYING but without a running clock"

I love how delightfully weird software docs sound out of their context

* GameHub for Linux *

Combine your Steam / GoG / Humblebundle / Retroarch games conveniently into one app.

GameHub supports non-native games as well as native games for Linux.

It supports multiple compatibility layers for non-native games:

* Wine / Proton
* DOSBox
* RetroArch
* ScummVM

It also allows to add custom emulators. Now that the elementary OS challenge is on, it can be found from AppCenter a click away.

=> tkashkin.tk/projects/gamehub/

It baffles me that in this day and age, using ip6 addresses directly in the browser bar fails so hard if you don't add the scheme in front. E.g. using [::1]:4000 totally brings up a google search in Safari. And even worse, even if you have a valid connection and change the path it sometimes forgets it knew that this was a http connection and searches google again… #TechRant #ipv6

Exposing the global Illuminati conspiracy by using a decade-old bug against their SMB file server

My horrible secret is that I have no idea how Excel works and I've just been getting by guessing for years now.

Gründe ein Unternehmen, das Startups Bürofläche verschafft und nenne es "Space Agency".

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