Unix people with blogging software that uses “smart” quotes on code snippets will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes.

I am looking for articles a long the lines of 'porting os to new architecture', "Porting NetBSD to the AMD x86-64"[1] is a good example of this.

I don't mind which os or which arch, I am putting together a bibliography

[1]: https://www.usenix.org/legacy/publications/library/proceedings/bsdcon02/full_papers/linden/linden_html/index.html

Anyone else having issues uploading photos today? No error message when trying.

so if anyone in the general seattle area wants a job doing embedded development (usually c/c++, sometimes java on android), the company i work for is hiring

there's both low level bsp work, porting u-boot and linux and yocto to things (what i do) and higher level app and ui development on top of those platforms

we work with qt a lot here, also

they're trying to fill seven engineer positions, *very* quickly , and in my experience are generally willing to train (i came in knowing nothing about yocto or qt)

Alternate timeline where technology uses extremely small amounts of energy, but the energy is drawn directly from the user instead of from batteries or other energy stores.

#scifi #tootfic

"To perform the actual build, you need to install GitLab Runner which is written in Go.

It can run on any platform for which you can build Go binaries, including Linux, OSX, Windows, FreeBSD and Docker."

Docker is now a "platform".

If you call RMS a hero of free software, you're protecting a person who has committed pervasive sexual harassment.

You're declaring that code is more important than human beings.

You're declaring that the many well-documented cases of him driving folks out of open source are less important than Emacs.

I don't need to know you.

You don't meet my standards for friendship. Or tolerating.

Late-night hacking on #HardenedBSD. Lights out. #postrock music on. Stellar code written.

Now time to write more (hopefully stellar) code.

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