@tedu thinking quickly, linus assembles a camera from nothing more than a raspberry pi, a screen, a 3d printed case, and a camera
if there's asterix symbol why there's no obelix symbol????

ffmpeg would rather freeze than spit out an rtmp stream. :flan_think:​ It's all too complicated, audio and video and the port itself and a port on top and the network stack underneath keep moving. When I start fussing too much, unrelated video glitches.

People have gotten multiple talk ideas from me at this point, yeah? Someone please do a troubleshooting seminar. Like, less "how to make a good bug report" and more "here are your tools for calmly collecting information."

Kaffee ist dir zu schwach?

Versuch mal "Production database ist komplett unerreichbar"

Alright! tell me about your favorite open source hardware projects.

What home made computers and game machines are capturing your attention?

Hier die aktuellen CMSe (Stand: 10. Juli 2020) der Bundesländer:

Niedersachsen: Powerslave ECMS
Bremen: SixCMS
Schleswig-Holstein: Government Site Builder (Core Media Basis)
Saarland: Government Site Builder („Open Source“ Basis)
Bayern: WordPress
Baden-Württemberg: TYPO3
Sachsen-Anhalt: TYPO3
Sachsen: OpenText CMS
Thüringen: TYPO3
Hessen: Drupal
Rheinland-Pfalz: TYPO3
Berlin: Imperia
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: TYPO3
Brandeburg: SixCMS
Hamburg: Core Media
Nordrhein-Westfalen: Drupal

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> Modern #CSS layouts enable developers to write really meaningful and robust styling rules with just a few keystrokes. The talk above and this subsequent post examine 10 powerful lines of CSS that do some serious heavy lifting.


Bug fixes and improvements
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Describe your software in the most boring way possible
I'll start: memcpy over the network

IPv6's design was a mistake. There, I said it.

Patreon should be a non-profit worker coop that distributes all excess profit to all creators from the poorest on up

Right now its owners are merely parasites on creativity

@l33tname Bitte macht doch für Binärgewitter ein OnlyFans, allein weil’s lustig wär!

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