I just turned off a server because I didn't realize I'm still in ssh

The more YAML you throw at a project the more devops it is

@frumble ich dachte ich haette ne lustige Antwort aber da @nvi schon die beste Antwort gefunden hat kann ich es auch lassen

Of course that someone was a woman. Just having a discussion with her made me a target of these dudes. Imagine how bad it must be being a woman with opinions on Programming on the Internet.

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I complimented someone on their programming font, which has ligatures a few days ago. My mentions are STILL full of men mansplaining me that ligatures are the most harmful thing ever. THREE DAYS. #thesealioning

Werfe jetzt Leuten die die Maske unter Nase haben öfter ein anerkennendes „schicke Nase“ entgegen und ES WIRKT! 😂

does anyone know why scrot-0.8-21.fc31.x86_64 is fc31 and not fc32 on fedora 32?

Anyone know the cost of counseling / therapy etc? How much does insurance cover if at all? Was discussing this gap in America with my wife and really curious to know how fucking terrible it is for something that should be considered essential

Lockpicking and computers have taught me that nothing is safe, security is just a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign.

Youtube is about to remove community contributions like closed captions/subtitles:

"Community contributions will be discontinued across all channels after 28 September 2020."


Audiobooks on Plex Media Server 

This app:


And this metadata agent:


and you get a pretty damn good audiobook streaming/syncing experience that you self-host!
A podcast is only a podcast if it's distributed as an audio file via a news feed. If your "podcast" is exclusive to any service, be it Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, etc., then it's not a podcast!

vscode: the c/c++ extension is not available for aarch64 platform

also vscode: you cannot remove the c/c++ extension because platformio is using it

Amazon-Brände vs. Amazonas-Brände
Eins ist sympathischer.

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