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Headed downtown with 3TB of blazing fast SSD storage for my pair of servers. One earmaked for this instance here.

Haven't gotten confirmation I can access the servers yet, so the upgrade might be tomorrow instead 🙁

cc: @phessler

How do people watch TV commercials? I saw so many medication commercials this morning that I think I'm ill as a result.

Disgusting trash tv beamed right into the heads of the elderly

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Today we had cake in the office to celebrate my 1023rd commit to #OpenBSD.

(Cake was made by weerd@'s mother in law).

hidden media: food, eye contact

This is the classiest conference opening I’ve been to for a long time. #IAC2018

Good morning party people.

The server that the instance is on, will be moving datacenters today. Expect some downtime this evening (European time), or morning/early afternoon (California).


I've completed 5 Pull Requests for Hacktoberfest!

via the #haiku channel on irc: "our kernel loads on the Raspberry Pi 2, but the memory subsystems need work. also, I need to convert us over to EFI on ARM to remove all the "early" drivers needed on ARM devices (UART, Framebuffer, etc)"

I did not go into this #haiku experiment expecting to find a really usable desktop operating system but here I am, very happily surprised.

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Hark! A blog post!

Wherein I recount being kidnapped by fairies and taken to a mystical island in the Pacific which focused singularly on phone service. Phone service was great

Go home Windows, you're drunk! Not even LN2 would do this...

i want every developer to understand that "a file" is not an appropriate level of granularity for blocking I/O behavior.

-signed, someone who has a lot of very very large files.

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