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sqlite CoC trolling 

License hot take 

I would love to see someone try to boycott SQLite
NVMe SSD in my colo has died. That might explain some recent issues I have struggled to diagnose and was blaming on kernel bugs.

SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: FAILED!
- NVM subsystem reliability has been degraded

Data Units Read: 6,565,928 [3.36 TB]
Data Units Written: 128,630,965 [65.8 TB]

And amazingly ZFS has prevented me from experiencing any data loss.

RT Some impressions of the 2018!!
It was just great!! Thanks a lot to all helpers, speakers and participants!!


Wer kann Helfen? Ich bin in Nideggen / Eifel und mein Handy zeigt mir nur an, dass ich LTE habe. Aber ich bekomme nicht das Netz (t-mobile) angezeigt... iOS 12.0.1 #followerpower

FLAC files with ID3 tags

what kind of abomination even creates this

Why must I use the things that distract me most (computers) to do the things I need to work.

You know what? Screw Mondays. I'll go for a walk in the forest.

Maybe GitHub's working again by the time I'll be back.

Hätte ich vor 10 Jahren bisschen Geld gehabt, hätte ich mir einen NeXT Cube und eine BeBox bei Ebay für wenig Kohle erstehen können (glaub unter 200 €). Hab die damals immer wieder gesehen und mich arg geärgert, mir das nicht leisten zu können. Heute sind die ein Vermögen wert.

At 10:52 pm Sunday UTC, multiple services on were affected by a software update on our Windows XP machine and subsequent forgetting of double clicking the Database App Icon resulting in inconsistent information being presented on our website. Out of an abu

maybe github failure will remind people why self-hosting is important

Federation Update: We are getting close, we decided to finish real time comments and other features related to federation for the best user experience.

We can't wait to release it! :pixelfed:

Dass die ganze absurde Netzwerktechnik überhaupt funktioniert, ist eigentlich ein Wunder. Aber wir lassen auch Sand für uns rechnen.

../src/Hub.cpp:175:13: error: cannot use 'try' with exceptions disabled
try {

c++ is a funny language. and nodejs seems to use it in weird ways.

Google ReCaptcha

Serve the machines to prove your Humanity™
I remember the kids thinking it was too inconvenient to fill the hotel room sink with ice to put the beer in because it was too far away from the TV/playstation, so these meatheads filled the dresser drawers with ice and put the booze in that instead.

As you can imagine that furniture was completely destroyed in a matter of hours, the floor soaked in icewater.

Incredible engineering skills put to work. So what do you think our high mileage vehicle looked like?

The web app for configuration looks like something Active Directory would have rejected...

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