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buyout announced this morning.

Number of resumes received by people I know that work there: eight and counting.

Put your swapfile inside a RAM disk for infinite RAM (old unix secret)
In what cloud computing experts are calling "an absolutely genius and revolutionary move" I put my swapfile on a SMB share

IBM RS/6000, also known as that time i rented a forklift to get a computer home.

GPIO offloading and power distribution subsystems for the #cybredecke are getting upgrades tonight

Adventures in x265: Eben einen 10-minütigen Screencast von wem in VP9 @ 4K 60 fps downscalen + nach 720p @ 60 fps per Handbrake in q22/slower encodieren lassen. Knappe Stunde! Aus 420 MiB 4K wurden 24 MiB 720p. Aber: Knappe Stunde!! Das ist irrwitzig für quasi Standbilder!

Damals bei x264 konnte man sich sich recht schnell auf Erfahrungswerte stützen, aber x265 ist unberechenbar in fast jeder Hinsicht – und ich nutz das jetzt auch schon vier Jahre.

Transcoding a 128kbps MP3 to FLAC to own the audiophiles

I wanted to tell an ARP joke but didn’t know who to ask

Mama: „Kannst Du mir bis Freitag diese Musik-CDs auf mein Handy brennen?“
*flasht fünf ISOs über die LineageOS-Partition*

Now: Company wide mandatory anti harassment training. I like that this is an unprompted thing.

I can't believe I was blaming Mono all this time for a filesystem (hardware, really) issue that only Mono could exacerbate.

Computers are amazing.
I need a reliable, performant, crash-safe database for this project but it can't be written in C

No, what you need is a new job
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