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Doing a bit of light reverse engineering on these Mitel IP DECT basestations (as used by Eventphone at ). Interesting hardware.

Hey, #BSD folks at #35c3 since our @acmelabs assembly has become so large you can find our #BSD assembly here,,3 we will expand to the other table ( once we run out of space ^^. #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonflyBSD #HardenedBSD

#35C3 Leipzig ÖPNV Probleme, Hilfegesuch 

#35C3, + 

Reminder: don't confess to crimes online. Even ones that are fun or good praxis. No, not even on a platform you think is anonymous.

Dear authors: permit me to interject some crass commercialism into your holiday.

Once upon a time, Bowker sold 1000 ISBNs for $1000.

Last year my business hit the point I needed to buy my own block of 1000. The price had gone up to $1500, but I had a coupon for $250 off.

This year, they're $3000 for 1000 ISBNs. And you can get a coupon for $250 off.

If you have ANY need for ISBNs, or if your business is heading in a direction that you think you'll need ISBNs soon, buy them before year end.

Was a crazy ride so far!
Since July we deployed 182 VMs on 5 servers, donated €1730 (€1850 before 2019) and saw lots of stickers in the wild. Thank you all for making this possible!

And of course all the #OpenBSD @openbsd developers and of course @mlarkin and @reyk

Are you going to #35c3 in Leipzig this year? Want to meet fellow participants from the instance, and other ones (especially

Join us at

Not just for admins/devs, everyone is welcome! Heck, you don't even need to have an account.

I've heard (well, started) rumours there may be stickers there. :flan_hacker:

Discovering new viewpoints about work and pay and value was really healthy for me.

I just read another one of those "abstract art is overpriced drivel" takes, and I feel really well-prepared to disregard it, now.

You're paying for materials. And time. And a clean execution of an idea that was not your own. You're paying for a eye better developed than yours, and a chance to map your taste onto a body of work suiting it.

You pay because you like it, and want people to keep doing it.

so on the eve of the #tumblr shutdown, Tumblr IP-blocked the Internet Archive.

Just to be EXTRA dicks.

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