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Me before getting a QR code scanner: QR codes are gimmicks

Me after getting a QR code scanner: Attach UUID labels to e v e r y t h i ng

about to plop down $11,000 USD for a 96-core, 512GB RAM Cavium ThunderX (arm64) system :)



Deep dark secret 

My mother in law won't vote. She's a Navy veteran and has never voted in her life.

She was willing to meet with our state reps last year to discuss programs for special needs children (one of her daughters is special needs). She needs medicaid and SSI. She's lived on food stamps before. She knows the struggle and the need for these programs. But she's convinced they'll never be taken away because it would hurt too many people.

She doesn't think her vote matters. She says both parties are liars. She fully believes all the shit she reads on Facebook like this circulating claim that illegal immigrants are given free money to start businesses by the Democrats.

I don't get it. She's been fighting with my wife because she won't listen to reason. I don't care who she votes for really, I just want to see her vote.

What a weird outlook on life.

One thing #NetBSD got distinctly right was packages in /usr/pkg, saving /usr/local for truly local crap.

Experimenting with #FreeBSD and #poudriere with base jail packages in /usr/pkg and individual jail packages in /usr/local, for most useful and easily upgraded base jail systems. #fmjail

Duden zu "Mikroaggression":

"Etwa wenn gewisse Podcaster beharrlich 'Android' deutsch auszusprechen pflegen."

That sweet spot in sound production spacetime where major labels were recording and mastering for expanded digital range but before their target became iTunes and 1cm driver ear buds

male privilege is being able to post lewds and get completely normal replies

Feature request: one cool thing about Talon (Twitter app) is that one can simply swipe up to close opened images. I'd really got used to it and miss it every time I'm using mastalab. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone with that.

Wegen #binärgewitter habe ich mir jetzt ein XA2 bestellt um #sailfishos auszuprobieren. :-) Bin gespannt. Irgendwelche Tipps?

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