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Wow posting toots to Mastodon instances is slow

First day at the new work. I’m not a freelancer any more 😁 stoked to work with these cool people 🕺

The Google docs presentation tool is actually quite nice. Makes me nervous as that usually means it must be high on the Google product kill list.

Let's pop to Faroe, said no one in Shetland ever.

Is this possibly the most roundabout route to get a relatively short distance anywhere in the world?

(This is the default route, no waypoints set!)

i'm glad i was always able to just use a winamp plugin to sync an ipod with my winamp library, because itunes is a bad program made by hell idiots

Any word ending in -bian is now a Debian fork
*downloading 1080p media all the time*

why are my hard disks so full, it is a mystery

filesystems are a NoSQL database.

they use a hierarchical key-value storage system.

It's almost like corporations don't know what they're talking about and shouldn't be trusted

Please ignore the mess of cables and plastic. I’m still getting everything cleaned up.

If you wondered what brutaldon would look like on netsurf on RISC OS on a 9” PVM over composite, now you know.

Since I had my laptop open, let's talk about hardware.

Modern laptops are not very complex, all things considered. See that? That's two cores and cache and a GPU on two dies slabbed to a chunk of FR4 with some supporting stuff. Supporting stuff like a southbridge, a northbridge, a PCI controller, SATA controllers, BIOS/UEFI, etc. Most everything else is some sort of power management or level adjustment outside of that die. That's a laptop on a chip right there.

I should just get myself elected to the EU parliament tbh
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