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Educate yourself. When a question about a certain topic pops up, google it. Watch movies and documentaries. When something sparks your interest, read about it. Read, read. Study, learn, stimulate your brain. Don’t just rely on school system, educate that beautiful mind of yours.

The stubble burning season will end soon and we will again have the same debate in winter of 2020 sans any solution. Basically how most public policy issues are sorted in India.

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Amidst all the hullabaloo over the Ayodhya verdict, one thing often gets lost -- what an amazing fantasy writer Valmiki must have been, that possibly 2500 years after he wrote his epic, people would be killing each other over one of its main characters.

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We all know how few of today’s politicians write their own speeches.

Their own words would not win them a single vote; their eloquence and wit, whatever there is of it, they owe to a speech writer.

Other people do the work, they take the credit.

How Gobhiji deals wth dissent

Sedition imposed on common people for AntiModi memes

Activists, professors, leaders being house arrest, jailed & even killed

FIR against 49 celebs for writing letter to Gobhi

J&K clampdown

India strips citizenship from Atish Taseer for criticizing Gobhi

And then have the audacity to say 👇🏻

Considering the way the politics of Maharashtra has turned out, they should rename the state to HahaRashtra.

Economy in freefall, religious minorities demonized, citizenship rights curtailed, sovereign land annexed, demagogic leader popularly elected, opposition ineffective.

At least Germans in the 1930s didn't know what was coming. We in India today know. What good is our knowing?

Section 144 should be imposed again in Mumbai.

Because, if more than 4 people assemble at a given place, Maharashtra Governor might invite them to form the Government.

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How do I talk about how much the anxiety of people that I love impacts me and my mental peace? I don't know how to talk about it without feeling so, so guilty.

I want to be there for them and I want to care for them, but how do I do that if I'm always emotional drained and burnt out around them?

How do you even communicate this burn out to them without fearing that telling them about this will push them further in their shell?

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In the lap of love
Dreams and aspirations throttled
Is just a slave
That needs to be commanded.

We never protested our substandard schools, outdated syllabus, poor teaching faculty, absent research facilities, dearth of opportunities but when JNU students decide to protest & fight for their own selves, we call them anti-national. Country full of morons

INC 28,
BJP 21
~ Govt formed by BJP

INC 17
BJP 13
~ Govt formed by BJP

RJD 80
JDU 71
BJP 53
~ Govt formed by BJP

INC 21
NPP 19,
BJP 02
~ Govt formed by BJP

Now Same BJP is giving lessons of Morality in .

Difficult to stomach that the @Incindia may lend support to . Why have parties, ideologies, manifestos, leaders?

Hindutva dominance is as much about the pyschological as the legal. If you're feeling emotionally drained/resigned today, then that is a critical aspect of the Hindutva triumph yesterday. They won't make you 'legal' second class citizens, they will just make you feel like one.

@Memeghnad @RanaAyyub @awryaditi @karunanundy @karnika

Insecure/Mentally weak people take everything personally.

Avoid associating yourself with such people, or walk on eggshells forever.

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