INC 28,
BJP 21
~ Govt formed by BJP

INC 17
BJP 13
~ Govt formed by BJP

RJD 80
JDU 71
BJP 53
~ Govt formed by BJP

INC 21
NPP 19,
BJP 02
~ Govt formed by BJP

Now Same BJP is giving lessons of Morality in .

@lHimanshul Forgive me if I'm not up on the politics, but is this practically a monarchy?

@micrackbiron yes, we have a different definition of democracy in India.

@lHimanshul I shouldn't complain about here then! But we seem to have issues with Ukrainian hackers rigging elections.

@lHimanshul samay bjp ka chalrahah hai. I think if bjp loses general election in future that end bjp forever. But let's see how long it will stay, 10 yrs 15 yrs or 20 yrs.

@lHimanshul With what face can they teach morality to others? It's a fight between them and the Sena. They fought together they should have resolved it.

obviously others will try to take advantage! In Kannada there's a saying(I'm sure it's in other languages but here it goes): Ibbara jagala, moorneyavanige laabha. meaning two people fight, the third one gains.

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