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Section 144 in Bangalore.

More than 4 people can't assemble at one place.

Thus, preventing Startups from being formed.

We want free speech and a ban on fake news.

We want privacy and safety from criminals.

We want democracy and protection of minorities.

We want our nuanced position be understood and yet debate in binary concepts.

It’s easy to mislead people.

You just have to confidently say simple statements that reinforce their pre-existing biased opinions.

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The point of political debates isn’t to change the opposite party’s views, but to keep their views in check.

If you follow me you have the chances of getting a follow back within 3 business days. Also if you have a football DP I'll DM everyone here and ask them why tf do they follow you especially with THAT dp. All my friends will be held accountable. This is work life balance.

If you torture the data enough it will agree to anything you want.

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I made the heavens, the earth, the universe and everything in it in six days. Six. Fuckin. Days. I was working on a tight schedule. Might have forgotten to install a couple of things. Like Justice.

Go easy on me.

Government of India & the Chief Justice have ensured a smooth verdict for everyone.

Go GOI 👏🏻👏🏻

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Please make more temples and mosques. We are going to need places to beg when there will be no jobs.

Section 144 in Bangalore.

More than 4 people can't assemble at one place.

Thus, preventing Startups from being formed.

Just remember one thing today: you do NOT need to give your opinion. You probably don't know enough, and that's okay.

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Lust for power- I now understand how it drives some ppl.
India irrecoverably changed after 1992.
Today we have another date with destiny and once agin the fate of this nation will change and not necessarily for the good.
The nation is waiting with bated breath for the aftermath of the Ayodhya verdict, no matter what the verdict, the fear is of the reaction from certain section of ppl.
How tragic is it that our mighty nation is now held ransom by a few ppl.

Just like Sooryvansham is to Set Max,
Zomato is to YouTube..

Samjh hi nahi aara YouTube par Zomato ads dekh raha hu ya Zomato ads par YouTube..🤦🏻‍♂️

One of the most hilarious things about @Mastodon is the way they refer to twitter: “Oh, the bird site!”

To all of us who thought we had seen the worst of TV news, we are about to be proven wrong tomorrow.

I think it's right time to quit social media for few days because social media is gonna be a battlefield from tomorrow.

Because insensitive and unsensible People will go mad at each other, it will become toxic and negative.

Stay calm, India. Also, switch off your TV sets if you can.

Supreme Court to deliver verdict on Ayodhya matter tomorrow

R Ashwin has joined Delhi capitals.

Stubble burning continues to be a problem.

We’re once again witnessing Ash Moving from Punjab to Delhi.

5 min on mastodon passes wayyyy jaldi than snooze mode ka 5 minutes, yaar what is this behaviour

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