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The dandelion saga continues...

Common Bullfinch - Corcan-coille - Pyrrhula pyrrhula

I never thought Bullfinches would be interested in dandelion seeds, and yet, here is the proof. A male & female pair of Bullfinches settled in a patch of dandelions for about two hours to eat the seeds. They took every seed from a puffball, and ate it after separating & discarding the tail.

I love Bullfinches. They look so smart with their black caps and chunky beaks.

#nature #birds #photo #photography

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To everyone who didn't know i have pets

Say hello to Watsonboy the one-eye and pookie (aka poopoo) my girlfriend

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ever want to look up an obscure HTTP status code but you're tired of and ?

well you're in luck because now there's goats

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#introduction time!

I'm an awkward, shy, #pansexual #polyamorous nerd girl who's way better at socializing on the internet than I am in person. I deal with #anxiety and #depression, which make life tough at times, but I do my best to hang in there.

Hobbies include #sewing, #crocheting, #knitting, #quilting, watching lots of #StevenUniverse, #scootering, snuggling my cats, reading #scifi and #fantasy books, and spending too much time on the internet.

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as you can see, the Android app needs a lot of work. We have been trying to get ahold of the Discord team and convince them of this. However, they have not really made any changes. The excess ability is the same as it was three to five years ago, almost non-existent. There is another thread that I created on this subreddit that you can find regarding Discord and accessibility. Spread the word, boost this, favorite this, do whatever it takes, but I want to see change now!

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Hey there!

My name is Silas and I'm a Product Designer based in Portland, OR.

A couple things about me:

My favorite part of design is getting to know the customer.

I used to be a Software Engineer (8 years) and still enjoy building things.

You can usually always find me with a film camera on my person.

My inspiration comes from travel, music and films.


Can't wait to see where this community goes and stoked to be here!


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“New account who dis?” Is my primary thought right now and I’m feeling a little lost and confused how to mastodon right now.

Soooo, if you know awesome people to follow in the gaming industry, history needs, authors/book lovers or just the broader geek circle, please show me the way <3

“To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

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please boost so i can find someone who makes and sells jewelry (esp earrings) bc i'm looking to buy some and would love to support some ethical artists !

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Probably one of the saddest parts of leaving birdsite was that I’d spent a pretty decent amount of time trying to add and follow a lot more women in tech, and I miss hearing from them.

Help me balance my follows out and suggest some awesome #WomenInTech to follow (cis/trans, it’s all good). Boost this, maybe even reply with yourself, maybe we can get a good list of voices.

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#introduction #introductions

Hi, there!
This account represents Laboratory B, a civic #hackerspace and #makerspace community in #Burlington, #VT.

Expect toots mainly of public events and announcements.

💻 🖥️ 💻 ⌨️💻 🖥️ 💻

#Vermont #3DPrinting #DigitalSecurity #Hacker #Soldering Lessons #Electronics #Repair #FOSS #FLOSS #Cybre #Cyberpunk #Robotics #BattleBots #MakerFaire #IVoidWarranties

Is there a Mastodon instance for Korean language learning, or Korean in general? Trying to learn Korean and I’d love some practice :) 감사합니다!

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Learn when to stop. Talent is a pursued interest. That is to say, anything you practice you can do. Don't fiddle with it all day. Just go back and put one little more happy tree in there. We must be quiet, soft and gentle. Isn't that fantastic that you can create an almighty tree that fast?
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#introduction #reIntroduction

Hi Fediverse!

I’m Eric Eggert, I am an Web Accessibility Advocate working from Essen/Germany. I work together Knowbility ( and the W3C/WAI ( to make the web a better, more accessible space. I teach at FH Joanneum Graz/Austria.

Other interests are #Hiking, #DoctorWho, #PokemonGo, tinkering with #Technology, listening to #Podcasts and Human Rights.

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heyo, scum of the earth javascript, C++, webassembly machine learning web virus developer checking in

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